Chapter 1. Exploring New Features in Photoshop CS5

In This Chapter

  • Working faster with the improved workspace

  • Creating better selections with the new features

  • Organizing and finding files faster with the new Mini Bridge

  • Taking advantage of the new Puppet Warp feature

  • Exploring new and improved 3D features

Photoshop CS5 includes significant improvements to its workspace, selection tools, and more. In this chapter, you take a quick tour of some of its most exciting new capabilities. The features you see depend on which version of Photoshop CS5 you have (Standard or Extended).


If you want to dive immediately into the new features, choose Window

Exploring New Features in Photoshop CS5

You will find lots more new features sprinkled throughout the rest of this minibook because most of the best improvements need to be presented in context, or else they just can't be properly appreciated.

An Improved Workspace Helps You Find the Tools You Need

You have to give it up to the Adobe Photoshop engineers: They hear the pleas of average users and are trying to help. "Help with what," you ask? Help with understanding Photoshop terminology and the unique names of the program's tools and controls. Many people who have been using Photoshop for years feel at ease with the unique terminology, but new users seem to have a more difficult time finding the tools and options they want to"use.

By default, some of the panels in Photoshop are collapsed to ...

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