Chapter 10. Working with Flash Catalyst CS5

In This Chapter

  • Using Flash Catalyst to add interactions to Photoshop or Illustrator files

  • Setting up your files for importing into Flash Catalyst

  • Creating pages and buttons from your imported artwork

  • Adding states to your buttons

  • Adding navigation and more to your buttons

Would you like to create Flash Web sites or desktop applications the easy way? Flash Catalyst CS5 can make that easy. You can start by creating your design in Photoshop or Illustrator and importing the resulting file into Catalyst. Then, you can do the following:

  • Create buttons that change while the user hovers the mouse cursor over them or clicks them (just like buttons in Flash).

  • Add buttons, sliders, and other user interface components that link to other locations or perform other marvelous tricks.

  • Add animation, such as moving components on and off the screen.

  • Develop an entire site with multiple pages.

  • Easily add animated transitions, such as resizing, rotating, or moving objects, or fading objects or pages in and out.


In larger projects that might require programming code (such as desktop applications or database-driven Web sites), Catalyst makes it easy for the designer and the developer to interact smoothly. The developer can use the information from Flash Catalyst directly in Adobe Flash Builder, a program for adding ActionScript. The designer can then incorporate changes made in Builder back into Flash Catalyst files.

Discovering Flash Catalyst

While Catalyst empowers ...

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