Chapter 5: Importing and Exporting

In This Chapter

check.png Integrating Adobe Bridge into your workflow

check.png Importing content

check.png Moving files from one CS6 application to another

check.png Exporting content out of your documents

check.png Exporting content from CS6 programs

Because the Creative Suite is such an integrated tool, you’ll almost always be in the process of cutting, pasting, importing and exporting content from one application to another.

Content that you might import and export include images, text, word files, 3D objects, and more. You may find that you need to go through the process of exporting files in order for them to be recognized by other applications. Non-Adobe applications will even recognize your files from the Creative Suite applications if you save them in the right format. In this chapter, you find out how to get your files in and out of your various applications, starting with a separate application that comes with the Creative Suite, named Adobe Bridge.

Discovering the Adobe Bridge Application ...

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