Chapter 8: Creating CSS Layouts

In This Chapter

check.png Getting started with CSS starter pages

check.png Modifying layouts

check.png Positioning content with the AP Div tool

check.png Using behaviors with DIVs

check.png Using the new CSS Transitions

Creating a proper page layout often requires more precision than standard HTML tags are capable of. Although most elements (such as lists and tables) have some level of layout control, creating real page layouts requires the use of CSS. Not just for text, CSS rules have the power to position elements on the page, set width and height properties, and so much more.

Creating CSS rules for layouts is done in very much the same way as those for text and image formatting (as discussed in Chapter 5 of this minibook). However, you have some new properties to explore that are more relevant to this task. We discuss those in this chapter.

Dreamweaver provides you with an extensive gallery of CSS-based layouts to help you get started, or you can build your own using the Insert panel’s Layout tools, ...

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