Appendix A. What's New in Dreamweaver CS5


  • Dynamic applications get a power boost

  • Simplified, yet more advanced, site setup

  • Faster CSS coding and testing

  • Adobe services are alive

  • On the cutting room floor

Dreamweaver recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and like any precocious pre-teen, is itching to stretch its legs and explore new worlds. For Dreamweaver CS5, the engineers and others on the development team renewed their commitment to bettering their current and potential customers' Web design experiences. In customer visit after customer visit, they heard how Web sites are built in the real world — and enhanced Dreamweaver to integrate with new workflows that relied on content management systems and more sophisticated pages. Long-established ways of working were re-examined and, if warranted, overhauled to be simpler and better. Innovative tools and services were created to bolster essential aspects of Web site development such as CSS and cross-browser testing. In the following pages, I'll give you a overview of the most important changes — including what's gone as well as what's new — and share my take on the impact Dreamweaver CS5 could have on your Web weaving skills.

Dynamic Scope Expanded

Web development is a moving target and with Dreamweaver CS5, the Adobe engineers have focused on a key segment: content management systems (CMS). Better known by their widespread implementations such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, CMS systems make it easy for everyday folks ...

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