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Adobe® Edge Animate on Demand

Book Description

Need answers quickly? Adobe Edge Animate on Demand provides those answers in a visual step-by-step format. We will show you exactly what to do through lots of full color illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions.

Inside the Book

• Download Edge Animate and other Edge tools from the web

• Take In-App lessons to learn how to use Edge Animate

• Create animations visually on the Stage

• Quickly create shapes and add text to use in animations

• Add web fonts to create unique designs

• Insert images produced in other Adobe programs

• Create interactive animations with JavaScript/jQuery

• Use snippets to quickly insert JavaScript code

• Create symbols to reuse content in different animations

• Test content on different browsers and devices

• Add animations to existing web pages

• Work with HTML and CSS to modify and enhance web pages

• Publish to the web, other Adobe programs, and iBooks Author

Bonus Online Content

Register your book at queondemand.com to gain access to:

• Workshops and related files

Visit the author site: perspection.com


• Online Workshops

• Step-by-Step Tasks in Full Color

• More than 300 of the Most Essential Edge Animate Tasks

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Acknowledgments
    1. Perspection, Inc.
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. About the Author
    4. We Want to Hear from You!
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
    1. How This Book Works
    2. What’s New
    3. Keyboard Shortcuts
    4. Step-by-Step Instructions
    5. Real World Examples
    6. Project Examples
    7. Workshops
    8. Get More on the Web
  6. 1. Getting Started with Edge Animate
    1. Introduction
    2. Finding Out What You Can Do with Edge Animate
    3. Exploring Edge Animate and Edge Tools
    4. Starting Edge Animate
    5. Using the Welcome Screen
    6. Viewing the Edge Animate Window
    7. Preparing for a Project
    8. Creating a Project Plan
    9. Building an Edge Animate Project
    10. Creating a New Animation
    11. Getting Sample Animations
    12. Opening an Existing Animation
    13. Working with Multiple Animations
    14. Previewing an Animation in a Browser
    15. Saving an Animation
    16. Getting Online Support
    17. Finishing Up
  7. 2. Working Within the Edge Animate Window
    1. Introduction
    2. Examining the Edge Animate Window
    3. Changing Stage Properties
    4. Working with the Stage
    5. Changing the Stage View
    6. Using the Tools Panel
    7. Using the Properties Panel
    8. Using the Elements Panel
    9. Using the Library Panel
    10. Using the Timeline Panel
    11. Working with Timeline Panel Controls
    12. Using the Code Panel
    13. Working with Panels
    14. Docking and Undocking Panels
    15. Creating and Use Workspaces
    16. Defining Keyboard Shortcuts
    17. Changing the Language
    18. Undoing and Redoing Changes
  8. 3. Taking In-App Lessons
    1. Introduction
    2. Starting a Lesson
    3. Using the Lessons Panel
    4. Taking the Quick Start Lesson
    5. Taking the Create Lesson
    6. Taking the Animate with Keyframes Lesson
    7. Taking the Animate with the Pin Lesson
    8. Taking the Resize Lesson
    9. Taking the Extend Lesson
    10. Taking the Reuse Lesson
  9. 4. Working with Shapes and Graphics
    1. Introduction
    2. Understanding Vector and Bitmap Graphics
    3. Gathering and Using Graphics
    4. Examining Import Graphic Formats
    5. Importing Graphics
    6. Adding Graphics
    7. Drawing Shapes
    8. Using Smart Guides with Elements
    9. Selecting Elements
    10. Naming Element IDs or Classes
    11. Changing Element Tags
    12. Changing Element Display
    13. Changing Element Overflow
    14. Changing Element Opacity
    15. Changing Element Position
    16. Changing Element Size
    17. Changing Element Adjustability
    18. Changing Shape Corners
    19. Changing Shape Borders
    20. Changing Shape Background Color
    21. Adding Shadows to Elements
    22. Changing Cursors Over Elements
    23. Modifying Image Elements
    24. Transforming Element Origin
    25. Rotating Elements
    26. Skewing Elements
    27. Scaling Elements
    28. Changing Element Clipping
    29. Adding Accessibility to Elements
  10. 5. Working with Text
    1. Creating Text Boxes
    2. Adding Text
    3. Editing Text
    4. Dictating Text
    5. Inserting Special Characters
    6. Examining Text Properties
    7. Changing Text Properties
    8. Getting Web Fonts
    9. Adding Web Fonts
    10. Resizing Text Boxes
    11. Clipping Text
    12. Transforming Text
    13. Adding Shadows to Text
    14. Changing Text Tags
    15. Adding Links to Text
  11. 6. Working with Symbols and Elements
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating Symbols
    3. Importing Symbols
    4. Exporting Symbols
    5. Creating an Instance from a Symbol
    6. Modifying an Instance from a Symbol
    7. Editing Symbols
    8. Nesting Symbols within Symbols
    9. Copying or Duplicating Elements
    10. Deleting Elements
    11. Displaying Rulers
    12. Displaying Guides
    13. Using Guides with Elements
    14. Aligning and Distributing Elements
    15. Stacking Elements
    16. Hiding and Showing Elements
    17. Grouping Elements
    18. Reparenting Elements
    19. Locking and Unlocking Elements
    20. Renaming Elements
  12. 7. Creating Motion Animations
    1. Introduction
    2. Creating an Animation with the Pin
    3. Creating an Animation with Auto Keyframes
    4. Creating an Animation with Keyframes
    5. Creating an Animation with a Transition
    6. Playing Animations
    7. Making Adjustments to Animations
    8. Adjusting Time in an Animation
    9. Inserting Time in an Animation
    10. Making a Resizable Animation
    11. Testing a Resizable Animation
  13. 8. Creating Interactive Animations
    1. Introduction
    2. Inserting Labels
    3. Inserting and Editing Triggers
    4. Inserting and Editing Action Events
    5. Listing of Action Events
    6. Inserting Code Snippets
    7. Listing of Code Snippets
    8. Working with JavaScript Code
    9. Using Show and Hide Element Snippets
    10. Using Element Text Snippets
    11. Using the Open URL Snippet
    12. Using Get Symbol Snippets
    13. Using Create and Delete Symbol Snippets
    14. Creating a Rollover Button
    15. Creating a Shopping Cart Button
    16. Embedding and Playing a Video
    17. Adding and Playing a Sound
    18. Swapping Images in a Photo Gallery
  14. 9. Publishing Animations
    1. Introduction
    2. Publishing Considerations
    3. Publishing a Composition
    4. Publishing for the Web
    5. Publishing to the Web for IE 6, 7, and 8
    6. Publishing to the Web Using CDN
    7. Publishing to the Web as Static HTML
    8. Publishing for Adobe Programs
    9. Publishing for iBooks Author
    10. Capturing a Poster Image
    11. Creating a Down-level Stage
    12. Creating a Preloader Stage
  15. 10. Working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    1. Introduction
    2. Examining Edge Animate Files
    3. Viewing the Code Behind the Scenes
    4. Examining the Adobe Edge Animate Runtime
    5. Getting to Know HTML
    6. Working with HTML
    7. Getting to Know CSS
    8. Working with CSS
    9. Putting a Composition in an HTML Document
    10. Adding an Animation to an HTML Document
  16. 11. Working Together with Adobe Programs
    1. Introduction
    2. Opening Compositions in Adobe Dreamweaver
    3. Importing into Adobe Muse
    4. Importing into Adobe InDesign
    5. Working with Adobe Digital Publishing Suite
    6. Saving Images from Adobe Photoshop
    7. Saving Graphics from Adobe Fireworks
    8. Exporting Images from Adobe Illustrator
    9. Saving Artwork from Adobe Illustrator
    10. Exporting Animations from Adobe Flash
  17. A. Installing Edge Animate and Edge Tools
    1. Introduction
    2. Preparing for Edge Animate and Edge Tools
    3. Downloading Edge Animate and Tools
    4. Installing Edge Animate and Tools
    5. Finishing the Edge Inspect Install
  18. Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. Adobe Edge Animate 1.0
  19. Menu by Menu
    1. Adobe Edge Animate 1.0
  20. Index
  21. Online Workshop