Chapter 2

Discovering Awesome Features and Tools

In This Chapter

arrow Getting to know the essential animation tools

arrow Creating interactive, responsive animations

arrow Exploring font, language, and publishing options

arrow Seeing how Edge Animate supports your coding habit

Adobe Edge Animate CC is a powerful, flexible program for creating and publishing animations for the web. In this chapter, I introduce you to many features of Adobe Edge Animate CC, including essentials such as the Stage, the Timeline, and familiar drawing tools. And I tell you about the options that Edge Animate provides for publishing and saving files, as well as choices it offers for your interface language and for web-friendly fonts. For those who like to dive below the surface, I describe the framework of the JavaScript API and working with native HTML in the code panels that Edge Animate places at your disposal. And — probably most important in this day and age of multiple screen sizes — you find out about creating a responsive web design that resizes itself to fit various devices.

Meeting Your Most-Used Animation Tools

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