Chapter 4

Using the Timeline for the First Time

In This Chapter

arrow Playing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding from the Timeline

arrow Toggling the different Timeline modes

arrow Animating with Motion Paths

arrow Keeping the Timeline at peak efficiency with keyframes and animation sequences

arrow Fine-tuning the Timeline view to match your preferences

The Adobe Edge Animate CC Timeline is a crucial part of the software. The Timeline is where you determine when different actions take place and which elements are affected. You can find the Timeline at the bottom of the screen. This chapter covers many elements of the Timeline, including the finer details — including the creation of animation sequences, also known as transitions.

Controlling the Timeline

The Timeline is located at the bottom of the interface. It has Play controls such as Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, and Return to Last Play Position (see Figure 4-1).

The Play controls include the basics and one that proves extremely convenient:

Play, Rewind, and Fast ...

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