Chapter 7

Animating with the Transform Tool and Properties Panel

In This Chapter

arrow Animating powerfully with the Transform tool

arrow Applying Transform attributes by clicking and dragging or entering numbers

arrow Centering on the center point

arrow Animating border radius, spinning, skewing, scaling, and rotating with the Transform tool

The Transform tool allows you to animate the Skew, Scale, Rotation, Border Radius, and Location of an element simply by clicking and dragging. The Transform tool is located directly to the right of the Select tool, as shown in Figure 7-1.

You can also use the Transform tool to spin elements, which is different from rotating elements (also described in this chapter).


Figure 7-1: The Transform tool.

Transforming with the Transform Tool and Properties Panel

Here’s a handy feature of Edge Animate: Much of what you can do with the Transform tool, you can also do from the Properties panel. While you’re making your animation, you may want to switch back and forth between ...

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