Chapter 9

Animating Background Color, Borders, Corners, Shadows, and Clipping

In This Chapter

arrow Applying colors

arrow Cutting corners

arrow Enlightening shadows

arrow Clipping elements

In this chapter, I present many more formatting and animating options. I cover how to use background color for elements and how to add a border to elements. You can even animate the background color to transition from one color to another. In the same regard, you can animate the borders as well.

Adobe Edge Animate CC provides you the features necessary to animate the rounding-off of corners. If you want that square to turn into a circle, you can do that; you can also add shadows to your element. In this chapter, I show you a few different examples of using shadows.

Last but not least, clipping is a featured tool in Edge Animate. Use clipping to veil and unveil elements. This is a cool technique to use if you want text to gradually appear on the Stage.

Applying Color

Adobe Edge Animate CC has a few different options for using color, some of which are quite powerful. You can add background color to drawn elements such ...

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