Chapter 10

Animating and Formatting Text Boxes

In This Chapter

arrow Addressing text formatting properties

arrow Assigning HTML tags to text

arrow Animating cool text effects

In this Chapter, I discuss all of the different attributes and properties for using text boxes in your animation. Sometimes you may want to use text to convey a message. In Edge Animate, you can format and animate text so that it flows within your composition.

Although limited in capacity, the text box editor in Edge Animate is still rather feature-rich. While you can format each text box to show text with properties such as italics and bold, you can’t make only some of the words appear italic and bold. It’s an all-or-nothing proposition on that front. You can, however, tweak your animation in various ways to look the way you want. Here are some typical examples:

check.png By placing some text boxes creatively, you can arrange elements on the Stage so it appears that one word in a paragraph is italic while other words are not.

check.png While working ...

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