Chapter 11

Using the Elements Panel

In This Chapter

arrow Using the Elements panel to organize and work with elements

arrow Using the Timeline in conjunction with the Elements panel

The Elements panel is located in the top-right corner of the screen. You can do a number of things from the Elements panel, including selecting elements, opening actions for an element, setting the visibility of an element, locking an element, and nesting one element into another element. You can also name, or label, elements from the Elements panel.

The Elements panel remains empty until you create your first element, such as a text box or a rectangle, or you import an image. However, you can always see the Stage in the Elements panel.

Operating in the Elements Panel

The Elements panel provides a useful means to help organize and work with elements. From the Elements panel, you can do several things:

check.png Add actions

check.png Set visibility

check.png Lock elements

Nest elements

The Elements panel updates along with the Timeline and vice ...

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