Chapter 14

Preparing Your Animation for Publication

In This Chapter

arrow Handling users of old browsers

arrow Customizing your hourglass timer for animations that take time to load

arrow Generating files for use with other software

It isn’t enough to simply create your animation project and then click Save. Oh, no. First you need to optimize your files for the specific task(s) for which you want to use your animation. Edge Animate provides publishing settings specifically for use on the web, for use with other Adobe tools, or for use with Apple’s iBook Author. Throughout this chapter, I provide the details for each of these settings.

In addition to the Publishing Settings, you can set up a preloader. A preloader is used when your animation takes a long time to load. It’s a great idea for providing some kind of visual clue to your audience that your animation is simply taking a bit of time to load and that it isn’t broken.

I start this chapter suggesting different ways to handle audiences who still use Internet Explorer 8 or older. Animations don’t work properly in those versions of IE, but you can create prompts for that segment of your audience to use Google Chrome Frames to avoid missing out ...

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