Chapter 16

Creating an Interactive Slideshow Animation

In This Chapter

arrow Adjusting opacity

arrow Manipulating keyframes

arrow Creating a loop

arrow Making buttons

Creating an interactive and animated slideshow is a great way to acquire some of the Adobe Edge Animate CC basics. In this chapter, I cover how to work with several images in a composition. I also discuss how to time the images fading in and fading out. In addition, I show you how to add a loop to a slideshow so that it keeps playing. To include some basic interactivity to the slideshow, I conclude with a discussion on how to add Play and Stop buttons.

Overall Steps for Creating a Slideshow

This chapter provides detailed steps for creating a slideshow with a loop and buttons for starting and stopping. Here’s a quick rundown of the general steps:

1. Determine the size of the Stage. This is especially important if you want to embed the slideshow into an existing web page.

2. Gather your images and size them the same size as the Stage.

3. Import all of the images through the Library panel in Edge Animate.

4. Drag the first image onto the ...

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