Chapter 17

Synchronizing Elements in an Animation

In This Chapter

arrow Drawing and formatting elements

arrow Putting rotating and easing to good use

arrow Timing text and coordinating effects

In this chapter, I explain how I created an animation of a car driving into a brick wall. I affectionately named this composition “Car Go Boom.” To get the animation to work, I drew the road and some lane markers. I then imported an image of a car, sans the wheels. I had to remove the wheels from the car so that I could create an animation of the wheels turning. I also imported an image of a brick wall so that the car had something to hit. Finally, I added an effect of the car bouncing off the wall and then some text saying “Boom” — hence I made “Car Go Boom.”

My intention in this chapter is to give you a resource for synchronizing elements, using the rotating tool, and effectively using easing.

Drawing Elements onto the Stage

To get started, use the Rectangle tool to draw the road (refer to Chapter 3 for more on drawing elements). Simply draw a black rectangle along the bottom portion of the Stage.

tip.eps While drawing ...

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