Chapter 18

Building an Interactive Tutorial

In This Chapter

arrow Animating callout lines with clipping

arrow Formatting and adding actions to elements

arrow Creating a Symbol

Adobe Edge Animate CC is a great tool for e-learning specialists and teachers. You can build interactive and animated tutorials from which students can learn. In this chapter, I show you how to create a tutorial with several steps. Students can use forward and back arrows to move forward in the lesson or to move back a step. I also show how to add a Symbol to the composition, which is used for a quick tip that students can tap to show or hide additional information.

During the course of this chapter, I discuss a few pitfalls that I encountered when first creating this tutorial. My intention is that you can learn from my mistakes, and avoid creating the same mistakes. Also, as you advance in working with Edge Animate, you may discover that some of my ideas aren’t completely necessary. For example, when it comes time to create a Symbol, I suggest that you create your first Symbol in a separate project, save it as a Symbol, and then import it into your main composition. Doing so for your first few projects may save you some headaches. ...

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