Chapter 21

Building a Responsive Web Design

In This Chapter

arrow Setting the Stage by percent

arrow Applying layout defaults and layout presets for responsive web design

arrow Combining different elements

arrow Previewing on mobile devices through your browser

This chapter discusses the details of formatting settings for a responsive web design. By using percentages (%) instead of pixels (px), you can create animations that automatically adjust to the size of a person’s browser. Using percent also helps with formatting for different mobile screen sizes for devices such as phones and tablets.

Currently, popular mobile screen sizes range from 4 inches to 7 inches to 10 inches. Creating a separate animation for each type of device is not necessary. Instead, you can create a responsive web design as discussed in this chapter.

Starting at the Stage

To get started with creating a responsive web design, you need to set the width and height properties of the Stage to %.

You can also set the properties for maximum width and minimum width:

For the minimum width, you can use either % or px.

You can set the Max ...

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