Chapter 22

Ten Users of Edge Animate

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Adobe Edge Animate CC has many more uses than just ten, but here I list the top ten that immediately rise to the top of my mind. You may find some of them elementary, whereas others may evoke fresh ideas for things you can do with Edge Animate, from creating basic slideshows, to creating advertisements, to creating an e-learning tool. You may even come up with a way to animate a game with Adobe Edge Animate CC.

Animating with Edge Animate

Yes, you can animate with Edge Animate. Shocking, I know. But if I didn’t list animating as a use for Edge Animate, I’d be missing a big one. The animations that you create can be as simple as a sun rising over a hill or as complex as all the stars and planets moving through the universe. The only limitation is your own imagination as to what you want to create and put into motion.

Designing with Edge Animate

You can also design with Edge Animate. Although Edge Animate is not necessarily a design tool, designers can work ...

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