Creating Patterns
Complex Graphics on a Single Layer
Figure 5.23 The spray-brush tool is located in the
same submenu as the brush tool.
Creating Patterns
Flash CS4 introduces two tools for creating
patterns: the spray-brush and deco tools.  e
spray brush creates a random dot pattern as
you move the tool over the Stage.  e deco
tool  lls an area with a pattern. Once you  n-
ish  lling an area, Flash selects the elements
that make up the pattern and groups them.
In the following tasks, you use the tools to
create simple patterns in default merge-shapes.
e tools can also create more-complex
patterns, and can use custom elements (see
the sidebar “Customizing Patterns”).
To paint a random dot pattern:
1. In the tools panel, click the active
brush tool.
2. From the submenu that appears, select
the spray bush tool (Figure 5.23).
3. To set parameters for the pattern element,
access the Symbol section of the Spray
Brush Tool Property inspector and do
the following:
Select the Default Shape check box.
e default shape is a small, black dot.
To change the dot color, click the color
control to access the pop-up swatch
set and select a new color.
To change the dot size, use the
Scale hot text to enter a percentage
between 0 and 40,000. Click the hot
text to enter a precise value; drag the
hot text’s invisible slider to choose a
value interactively. Flash previews the
changes on the Stage as you drag the
hot texts invisible slider.
To use dots of random sizes, select the
Random Scaling check box.
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Customizing Patterns
e tasks in this section use the pattern-
creation tools at a basic level, creating
random dots with the spray brush, and
a grid of squares with the deco tool.  e
deco tool can also create more intri-
cate patterns, such as a sinuous vine
with leaves and  owers. You adjust the
parameters of all the patterns in the
Property inspector. Although you can’t
create new underlying patterns, you
can create new pattern elements. You
might, for example, set the spray-brush
tool to spew forth stars instead of dots,
or set the deco tool to make a grid out of
apping birds. To use di erent </