Converting Symbol Instances to Graphics
Working with Symbols
Figure 7.35 The Property inspector reveals that the
selected graphic is an instance of a symbol named
anteater (top). To break the link with its master
symbol, choose Modify > Break Apart. The Property
inspector reveals that the selection now consists of
shapes; it’s no longer a symbol instance (bottom).
Converting Symbol
Instances to Graphics
At times, youll want to break the link
between a placed instance of a symbol and
the master symbol. You may want to redraw
the shape in a speci c instance but not in
every instance, for example. To convert a
symbol back to an independent shape or set
of shapes, break it apart.
To break the symbol link:
On the Stage, select the symbol instance
whose link you want to break.
Choose Modify > Break Apart, or press
-B (Mac) or Ctrl-B (Windows)
(Figure 7.35).
Flash breaks the link to the symbol in the
library and selects the symbol’s elements.
e Property inspector no longer displays
information about the instance of the
symbol; it displays information about the
selected shapes.
If the original symbol contained any
grouped elements, they remain grouped
after you break the link; ungrouped
elements stay ungrouped. Any symbols
that existed within the original symbol
remain as instances of their respective
master symbols. Now you can edit
these elements as you learned to do in
previous chapters.
Chapter 7
A Note About Blend Modes
A Note About Blend Modes
Blend modes give designers control over the way graphics in di erent layers and sublayers
interact, letting you create new colors and interesting e ects. ey can be used for composit-
ing—overlapping multiple images so that parts of each appear in one combined image—or to
enhance or correct  aws in digital photos ( for example, to lighten the areas of a photo where
there is too much shadow). You can use blending with two types of symbols: buttons and
movie clips. Select a button or movie-clip instance on the Stage. In the Display section of the
Property inspector, from the Blending menu, choose a blend mode (Figure 7.36). Blending
changes the selected symbol’s colors on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Whether a particular pixel in
the selected symbol instance actually changes color depends on the type of blend, the color
of the pixel in the symbol instance, and the color of the pixel that lies on the layer below the
movie clip.  e pixels on lower layers may be other buttons, movie clips, graphic elements,
or the background color of the Stage.
Figure 7.36