Chapter 4. Using Simple Controls

<feature><title>What You Will Learn</title>

In this lesson, you will:

  • Define the user interface (UI) for the e-commerce application of FlexGrocer

  • Use simple controls such as the Image control, text controls, and CheckBox control

  • Define the UI for the administrative tool that allows users to update the data

  • Use the Form container to lay out the simple controls

  • Use data binding to connect the controls to a data model

<feature><title>Approximate Time</title>

This lesson takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

<feature><title>Lesson Files</title>

Media Files:

  • Lesson04/start/assets/dairy_milk.jpg

Starting Files:

  • Lesson04/start/EComm.mxml

  • Lesson04/start/DataEntry.mxml

  • Lesson04/start/Dashboard.mxml

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