Chapter 12. Using Drag and Drop

<feature><title>What You Will Learn</title>

In this lesson, you will:

  • Learn the terminology associated with drag-and-drop operations in Flex

  • Understand that the list-based components in Flex have enhanced drag-and-drop support built in

  • Implement drag and drop on drag-enabled components

  • Use various drag events

  • Implement various methods of the DragSource and DragManager classes to implement drag and drop on nondrag-enabled components

  • Use formats to allow dropping of drag proxy objects

<feature><title>Approximate Time</title>

This lesson takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

<feature><title>Lesson Files</title>

Media Files:

  • None

Starting Files

  • Lesson12/start/EComm.mxml

  • Lesson12/start/as/ ...

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