Chapter 24. Using Shared Objects

<feature><title>What You Will Learn</title>

In this lesson, you will:

  • Create a new shared object on the client machine

  • Write a complex data structure to the shared object

  • Read data from an existing shared object

  • Use data from an existing shared object to populate form controls

<feature><title>Approximate Time</title>

This lesson takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.

<feature><title>Lesson Files</title>

Media Files:

  • None

Starting Files:

  • Lesson24/start/views/ecomm/Cart.mxml

  • Lesson24/start/views/ecomm/Checkout.mxml

  • Lesson24/start/valueObjects/

Completed Files:

  • Lesson24/complete/views/ecomm/Cart.mxml

  • Lesson24/complete/views/ecomm/Checkout.mxml

  • Lesson24/complete/valueObjects/ ...

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