Building and Deploying Adobe Flex 3 Applications
The html-wrapper task outputs the index.html and AC_OETags.js files for your Flex application. If you enable
deep linking support, the
html-wrapper task also outputs the deep linking files such as historyFrame.html,
history.css, and history.js. If you enable express installation, the
html-wrapper task also outputs the playerPro-
ductInstall.swf file.
You typically deploy these files, along with your application's SWF file, to a web server. Users request the HTML
wrapper, which embeds the SWF file. You can customize the output of the wrapper and its supporting files after
it is generated by Ant.
For more information on the HTML wrapper, see “Creating a Wrapper” on page 311.
About the templates
There are six types of HTML wrapper templates that you can generate with the html-wrapper Flex Ant task:
Client-side detection only — Provides scripts that detect the version of the client's player and return alter-
native content if the client's player does not meet the minimum required version.
Client-side detection with history — Provides the same scripts as those in the client-side-detection template,
but adds deep linking support.
Express installation — Provides scripts that support Express Install.
Express installation with history — Provides scripts that support Express Install and deep linking support.
No player detection — Provides a basic wrapper.
No player detection with history — Provides a basic wrapper with deep linking support.
You determine which template is used by using a combination of the history and template attributes of the html-
Supported attributes
The attributes of the html-wrapper task correspond to some of the attributes and parameters of the <object>
<embed> tags in the HTML wrapper. The task also supports some attributes that specify the output location
and the type of wrapper to generate. For a complete list of the attributes and parameters of the
<object> and
<embed> tags in the HTML wrapper, see About the object and embed tags” on page 321.

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