Developer Guide
Use the == and != operators to compare strings with each other and to compare strings with other types of objects,
as the following example shows:
var str1:String = "1";
var str1b:String = "1";
var str2:String = "2";
trace(str1 == str1b); // true
trace(str1 == str2); // false
var total:uint = 1;
trace(str1 == total); // true
Obtaining string representations of other objects
You can obtain a String representation for any kind of object. All objects have a toString() method for this
var n:Number = 99.47;
var str:String = n.toString();
// str == "99.47"
When using the + concatenation operator with a combination of String objects and objects that are not strings, you
do not need to use the
toString() method. For details on concatenation, see the next section.
String() global function returns the same value for a given object as the value returned by the object calling
toString() method.
Concatenating strings
Concatenation of strings means taking two strings and joining them sequentially into one. For example, you can use
+ operator to concatenate two strings:
var str1:String = "green";
var str2:String = "ish";
var str3:String = str1 + str2; // str3 == "greenish"
You can also use the += operator to the produce the same result, as the following example shows:
var str:String = "green";
str += "ish"; // str == "greenish"
Additionally, the String class includes a concat() method, which can be used as follows:
var str1:String = "Bonjour";
var str2:String = "from";
var str3:String = "Paris";
var str4:String = str1.concat(" ", str2, " ", str3);
// str4 == "Bonjour from Paris"
If you use the + operator (or the += operator) with a String object and an object that is not a string, ActionScript
automatically converts the nonstring object to a String object in order to evaluate the expression, as shown in this
var str:String = "Area = ";
var area:Number = Math.PI * Math.pow(3, 2);
str = str + area; // str == "Area = 28.274333882308138"

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