Chapter 27. Using the ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder

When you install Adobe Flex Builder 3, you also can install additional plug-ins that support application development with additional technologies. The first of these, the ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder, includes a set of development tools that increase productivity and reduce application development time for developers using ColdFusion as their Flex applications middleware layer.


The other additional plug-in that's included with Flex Builder, JSEclipse, supports programming in JavaScript and is included primarily for developers who use Flex Builder and Eclipse to build HTML-based AIR applications.

The ColdFusion Extensions for Flex Builder are built in part around Remote Development Service (RDS), a technology that was originally created by Allaire and integrated into ColdFusion Studio. RDS allows developers to connect from their development environments to ColdFusion on the server and expose information about the servers data sources and file system.

In their last incarnation, ColdFusion Studio and Homesite were merged to become Homesite+. Because many ColdFusion developers continue to use Homesite+, Adobe still sells the product and releases product updates to support each new ColdFusion release.

RDS has also been a part of Dreamweaver since the acquisition of Allaire by Macromedia and the release of Dreamweaver MX. Some of Homesites RDS-dependent features, however, were never re-created in Dreamweaver.

For example, ...

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