Adobe® GoLive® CS2: Classroom in a Book®

Book description

When you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start taking advantage of GoLive CS2's powerful site management and collaboration capabilities, mobile authoring features, and enhanced CSS authoring tools, it’s time to get the guide from the people behind the software. In these pages, The Adobe Creative Team uses a series of project-based lessons to guide you through every feature of GoLive. Working at your own pace, using training materials created and tested in Adobe’s own classrooms and labs, you’ll soon be creating effective, efficient Web sites with GoLive CS2. Step-by-step instructions clearly detail toolbars, palettes, site architecture, CSS, image maps, and more. And plenty of attention has been paid to GoLive CS2’s new features as well: enhanced live rendering, including small-screen rendering for mobile content development; innovative visual CSS authoring and mobile CSS support; visual SVG-Tiny authoring; enhanced site management, and more. Each chapter concludes with a review section to reinforce what you’ve learned, while the companion CD-ROM provides all files and images you need to complete the exercises in each chapter.

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. What’s on the CD
  3. Getting Started
    1. About Classroom in a Book
    2. Prerequisites
    3. Installing the program
    4. Copying the Classroom in a Book files
      1. To install the Classroom in a Book files
    5. Restoring default preferences
    6. To save your current GoLive CS2 preferences
      1. Windows
      2. Mac OS
    7. To restore your saved settings after completing the lessons
    8. Additional resources
    9. Adobe certification
  4. What’s New in Adobe GoLive CS2?
    1. Helpful new tools
    2. Enhanced Layer, Layer Grid and Layout Text Box tools
    3. Liquid layouts
      1. Other CSS improvements
    4. Standards-based mobile authoring
    5. Enhanced live rendering
    6. Automated favicon creation
    7. Enhanced InDesign Package for GoLive
    8. Collaborative asset management
      1. Version Que
      2. Adobe Bridge
    9. Cropped components
    10. Samples
  5. A Quick Tour of Adobe GoLive CS2
    1. Creating your own site
    2. Adding assets to your site
    3. Adding metadata to your page
    4. Creating the layout of the page
    5. Adding a background image to a page
    6. Placing images onto your GoLive page
    7. Creating grid text boxes
    8. Formatting text using Cascading Style Sheets
    9. Creating a second text area
    10. Placing an optimized image
    11. Creating a table
    12. Spanning a column
    13. Creating hyperlinks
    14. Using the Live Rendering feature
    15. Using Cascading Styles for hyperlinks
  6. 1. Getting to Know the Work Area
    1. Getting started
    2. Using the View and Window menus
      1. Using the Zoom tool
      2. Using the Window menu to control palettes and toolbars
    3. Customizing the workspace
      1. Using the toolbox
      2. Understanding the Inspector palette
      3. Helpful keyboard shortcuts for palettes
      4. Separating the Objects palette from the toolbox
      5. Using the site window to link an image
    4. Working with the document window
      1. The Layout Editor
      2. The Frame Editor
      3. The Source Code Editor
      4. The Outline Editor
      5. The Layout Preview
      6. The PDF Preview
    5. Using the Document and Source Views
      1. Using the Outline Editor
    6. Previewing your document in GoLive
      1. Using the View palette
      2. Previewing your document in a browser
      3. Using PDF Preview
    7. Setting Preferences and Web Settings
    8. Exploring on your own
    9. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  7. 2. Creating a GoLive Site
    1. What is a site?
    2. Getting started
      1. Creating a new blank site
      2. Behind the scenes
      3. web-content
      4. web-data
      5. web-settings
      6. About the site window
    3. Understanding the Files tab
      1. The Main toolbar
    4. Saving a new page into the Files tab
    5. Adding existing files to a blank site
    6. Adding a file saved from Photoshop
    7. Creating site colors
      1. Adding your own site colors
    8. Adding site objects to a page
      1. Checking usage on the Files tab
      2. Deleting a file
    9. Closing and re-opening your site
    10. Creating a GoLive site from existing files
    11. Organizing the site window
    12. Navigating within a site
      1. Creating a folder for pages
      2. Storing Smart objects
    13. Using the Navigation View
    14. Exploring on your own
      1. Saving files into a site
      2. More on sites
    15. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  8. 3. Creating Page Layouts in GoLive
    1. Layout grid-based designs
    2. Table-based designs
    3. CSS-based designs
      1. What is the difference between CSS and traditional HTML tables?
    4. Getting started
      1. Creating the site
    5. Using the CSS-based layout grid
      1. Adding images to the layout grid
      2. Aligning objects on the layout grid
      3. Using the target insertion point
      4. Using the layout text box
      5. Assigning font sets and color
      6. Changing the background of a layout grid
      7. Changing the background color of layout text boxes
      8. Adding an image to a layout text box
      9. Converting a layout grid to a table
      10. Converting a layout grid to a traditional HTML table
    6. Using HTML tables for page layout
      1. Placing a table on your page
      2. Adjusting cell size
    7. Spanning rows and columns
      1. Designing a layout using spans
      2. Changing the table attributes
    8. Creating and saving table styles
    9. Importing text into a table
      1. Applying a table style
      2. Placing text and images in the table
      3. Applying a Cascading Style Sheet to the cell
      4. Completing the table
    10. Using layers
      1. Adding layers to an HTML page
      2. Inserting objects into the layer
      3. Aligning and distributing layers
      4. Adding imagery and text
      5. Organizing layers
      6. Changing the Z-index
      7. Using the Layers palette
    11. Liquid layouts
      1. Creating a page using liquid layouts
    12. Exploring on your own
      1. Experimenting with liquid layouts
    13. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  9. 4. Creating Navigational Links
    1. Getting started
    2. About links
    3. Opening the site
      1. Creating hypertext links
      2. Adding links to a graphic
      3. Using components
      4. Adding components to a page
      5. Creating a component
      6. Creating anchors
      7. Testing anchors
      8. Using anchors within a site
      9. Creating external links
      10. Creating external links with the External tab
      11. Creating e-mail links
      12. Changing a link’s color
      13. Changing preferences for link warnings
      14. Using the In & Out Links palette
    4. Exploring on your own
    5. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  10. 5. Adding and Formatting Text
    1. Getting started
    2. Importing and working with text
      1. Basic formatting in HTML
    3. Creating lists from text
    4. Setting text color
    5. Using the CSS palette and editor
    6. Paragraph formatting
      1. Using the CSS Editor to redefine markup elements
    7. Formatting the body text of your page
      1. Using CSS styles to format your text
      2. Applying CSS to the body of your text
      3. Adding a CSS class style
      4. Applying a CSS class style to a div
    8. Exporting an Internal Style Sheet
      1. Importing an External Style Sheet
    9. Exploring on your own
    10. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  11. 6. Working with Color
    1. Getting started
    2. Setting page background color
    3. Setting page background color with CSS
      1. Using the Color palette
      2. Choosing CMYK and Spot colors using the Swatches palette
      3. Adding colors to your Swatches palette
      4. Extracting color from an image
      5. Saving the custom colors in your Swatches palette
      6. Loading Adobe Swatch Exchange files
      7. Working with site colors
    4. Exploring on your own
    5. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  12. 7. Using Graphics in GoLive
    1. Getting started
      1. Understanding Web file formats
    2. Creating the page
    3. Placing the top image
    4. Creating an image map
    5. Adding alt text
      1. Adding a background image
    6. Smart Objects
      1. Testing the Smart object
      2. Using the Smart Illustrator object
      3. Using the color table
      4. Using variables
    7. Text to Banner
    8. Aligning an image
    9. Cropping a Smart object
    10. Exploring on your own
    11. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  13. 8. Adding Interactivity: Rollovers and Actions
    1. Getting started
    2. Setting up your rollover buttons
      1. Creating self-rollovers
      2. Detecting rollover images
      3. Adding a link to a rollover
      4. Creating a remote rollover
      5. Adding an Open Window action
      6. Creating head actions
      7. Locating and installing GoLive CS2 actions
    3. Exploring on your own
      1. Creating a Close Window action
    4. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  14. 9. Creating Forms
    1. Getting started
    2. About forms
      1. Adding e-mail and address fields
      2. Linking labels to text fields
      3. Creating a pop-up menu
      4. Adding the table to the Library palette
      5. Modifying a list box
      6. Adding radio buttons
      7. Adding a Submit button
      8. Adding a Reset button
    3. Setting the tabbing order
    4. Exploring on your own
    5. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  15. 10. Using Stationeries, Components, Page Templates, and Snippets
    1. What is the difference?
    2. Getting started
    3. Creating a component file
      1. Placing a component
      2. Editing a component
      3. Cropping text in a component
    4. Using snippets
      1. Placing the snippet
    5. Creating a stationery file
      1. Saving the stationery file
      2. Creating a page from a stationery file
    6. Saving a page template file
      1. Defining template regions
    7. Using the page template
      1. Building from the page template
    8. Exploring on your own
      1. Practice with components
      2. Practice with snippets
    9. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  16. 11. Using Site Diagrams
    1. Getting started
    2. Creating a new site diagram
      1. Anchoring a diagram to a page
      2. Adding Sections, Pages, and Groups
      3. Creating a group of pages
      4. Adding annotations
      5. Adding text and images to your diagram pages
      6. Using the staging tools to create site pages
      7. Recalling a diagram from a site
      8. Adding common elements using the Master tab
      9. Exporting and printing your diagram
    3. Exploring on your own
    4. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  17. 12. Managing and Publishing Web Sites
    1. GoLive site management and publishing
    2. Getting started
    3. Importing an existing site into GoLive CS2
    4. Converting the site into GoLive structure
      1. Correcting errors
      2. Correcting the hypertext link error
      3. Managing folders
      4. Backing up and cleaning up your site
      5. Working with Site Trash
      6. Setting up GoLive for FTP
      7. Configuring a publish server
      8. Uploading files via FTP to your server
      9. Maintaining your site
      10. Synchronizing files in your site
      11. Exporting a site
    5. Exploring on your own
    6. Review
      1. Review questions
      2. Review answers
  18. 13. Using Version Cue and Bridge with GoLive CS2
    1. Getting started
    2. Working with Version Cue
      1. Creating a new Version Cue project
      2. Checking out a file for editing
      3. About Version Cue Status
      4. Managing existing sites
      5. Adding files to a Version Cue site
      6. Working offline
    3. Working with Adobe Bridge
      1. Navigating and viewing files
  19. Production Notes
    1. Team credits
    2. Typefaces used
    3. Stock Photos
  20. Adobe Creative Suite 2 Is Here. Are You Ready?

Product information

  • Title: Adobe® GoLive® CS2: Classroom in a Book®
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2005
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 0321321863