Chapter 14

Styling with Effects


Bullet Understanding raster and vector effects

Bullet Defining and applying effects

Bullet Managing effects with the Appearance panel

Bullet Applying 3D effects

Bullet Saving graphic styles

The Effect menu in Illustrator opens the door to an incongruous plethora of wild, crazy, and only vaguely related techniques. These features can be roughly divided into effects (intuitive enough) and filters. In this chapter, I break down what effects are, what filters are, how they’re different, and when you use which.

I also show you how to apply some of the most useful and widely applicable effects, such as drop shadows, 3D extrusions (converting a rectangle into a cube), and fun distortions (such as puckering paths). And I walk you through a substantial project that involves combining a rotated path with mapped artwork.

Navigating the Universe of Effects

Some effects are specific and not what you would normally think of as an effect, such as crop marks for printers, and the ...

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