Chapter 18

Unleashing the Power of SVGs


Bullet Understanding the role of vector graphics in digital design

Bullet Preparing Illustrator files for SVG output

Bullet Using SVG for type

Bullet Exporting web-ready SVG artwork

Bullet Saving editable SVG files

Bullet Handing off SVG code

The magic, the power, the challenge … oh, heck, the whole point of working with Adobe Illustrator is to create scalable vector graphics. You know what I’m talking about: lean (small file size) graphics that can be printed on a billboard (outside of Billings, or anywhere else) or on a postage stamp; graphics that can be projected on the side of a building or scaled down to display on a high-resolution watch without degrading in quality and without increasing in file size.

The pathway to presenting vector graphics from Illustrator on screens is a three-letter acronym. No, not OMG, or even WTF. That acronym is SVG. It stands (intuitively ...

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