Chapter 19

Top Ten Illustrator Resources


Bullet Supplemental resources for this book

Bullet Additional Adobe Illustrator documentation

Bullet Further pathways into specific features of Illustrator

Bullet Design inspiration

In this short chapter, I present a curated list of my favorite Illustrator resources. Some of them are reference sources where you can look up the most detailed steps for any procedure. Some are here to expand your artistic horizons. Others are specific appendages to this book, especially the link to the website I set up where you can meet designers who contributed artwork and ideas, and stay tuned in to corrections and updates as I post them.

This Book’s Unofficial Website

Here are the five reasons to visit this book’s semi-official website and follow it on social media:

  • You’ll get updates, corrections, and errata as they are appear.
  • You’ll meet the dozen or so colleagues and students of mine who contributed artwork I used as examples in this book, and get access to their portfolios and other resources.
  • I share links to other valuable Illustrator ...

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