Chapter 20

Top Ten Productivity Tips


Bullet Quickly generating layers from a document

Bullet Shortcuts for editing images back and forth between Illustrator and Photoshop

Bullet Batch-processing image placement and format

Bullet Importing editable Word files

Illustrator users have their favorite sets of shortcuts, tips, tricks, timesavers, and techniques for producing better output faster. I have mine, and more importantly, so do other full-time Illustrator designers I’ve met over the decades. Here, I share a few of the ones I’ve found most valuable.

In the credit-where-credit-is-due department, the book's tech editor, Jean-Claude Tremblay, suggested several tips in this chapter.

Generate Layers

Illustrator enables you to automatically generate layers from objects in a document. This feature is useful when you need to hand over layers to an animator.

You generate layers from objects in a document by choosing Release to Layers from the Layers panel. The panel menu has two Release to Layers options: Build and Sequence. The differences are easier to show than tell. Figure 20-1 shows what happens ...

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