8. Working with Type

What You’ll Do

Use Type Tools

Create Type

Create Area and Path Type

Modify Type on a Path

Import Text

Select Type

Copy or Move Type

Work with Overflow Type

Change Fonts and Font Size

Lead, Kern, and Track Type

Scale and Rotate Type

Format Type

Anti-alias Type

Align Paragraphs

Indent and Space Paragraphs

Set Tabs

Work with Hyphenation

Work with Type Styles

Use Smart Punctuation

Work with Glyphs and OpenType Fonts

Work with Justification

Wrap Type Around an Object

Create Type Outlines


Illustrator comes with 6 different type tools: Type, Area Type, Type on a Path, Vertical Type, Vertical Area Type, and Vertical Type on a Path. Three of the tools are used for horizontal type and the other three are used for vertical ...

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