15. Exporting a Document

What You’ll Do

Export a Document

Understand Export File Formats

Export as a Bitmap

Export as a TIFF

Export as a PNG or JPEG

Export to Photoshop

Export with Presets

Export as a Flash Movie

Save as Adobe PDF

Save as an EPS

Save as SVG

Save for HTML5 and CSS

Save as Adobe FXG

Save for Microsoft Office

Save as a Template


After you finish creating your document in Illustrator, you can save or export your artwork in another file format for use in other programs. There are five file formats to which you can save your artwork, which include AI (Adobe Illustrator), Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), FXG (Adobe Flex/Flash Builder), and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). These file formats ...

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