16. Designing for the Web

What You’ll Do

Save for the Web

Work with Save for Web Options

Work with Web File Formats

Optimize a JPEG Document

Optimize a GIF Document

Optimize a PNG-8 Document

Optimize a PNG-24 Document

Optimize an Image to File Size

Slice Images the Easy Way

Work with Slices

Add HTML Text or an URL to a Slice

Arrange Slices

Combine or Divide Slices

Save Slices for the Web

Save Selected Slices

Preview in a Browser


If you need to manipulate a photographic image to place it on the web, there’s not a better program on the market than Adobe Illustrator that will do the job for you. Illustrator uses various document formats, such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, SWF (Flash movie), and SVG, to save images for the web. For example, the ...

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