Lesson E: Power Styling

  • Go to page 7 in the downloaded document called 3 Text Styles.indd. It’s time to both test and fine-tune the styles we’ve been making.
  • With the Selection tool, select the text frame on page 7. Go to either the Properties panel or the Paragraph Styles panel and choose the body copy paragraph style. If you use the Properties panel, you may have to first click the Paragraph Styles button near the top so that the list of styles contains the right type.
  • In my case, the 11-point Myriad Pro is too big and the text becomes overset. With the entire frame selected, I’d suggest making the text only 9 points, so we have room for a few headers, too.
  • After resizing the text, our body copy style will show an override. Go to the Paragraph ...

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