Lesson B: Tables & Table Styles

  • Open the downloaded document called 4 Tabs & Tables. Set the magnification to fit a spread in the window (⌘-option-0/Ctrl-Alt-0), and go to pages 4 and 5.

On the left is a table that has a table style applied to it. To see it as it would print, make sure nothing is selected (⌘-shift-A/Ctrl-Shift-A) then tap the W key to enter (and again to exit) preview mode. You’ll see that the table has no strokes around the edges of its cells. This style uses typography and fill colors to differentiate one cell’s content from another’s. Before continuing, exit preview mode so you can see the cell edges again.

  • Make sure your tab characters (and other normally hidden characters) are visible: choose Type > Show Hidden Characters ...

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