Adobe InDesign CS3 One-on-One

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This is the complete DVD that comes with the bookAdobe InDesign CS3 One-on-One.

Nothing speeds up learning like personal training from a skilled tutor. With Adobe InDesign CS3 One-on-One, you get the equivalent of private lessons with author Deke McClelland, a world-renowned expert on digital graphics and design. Deke offers you DVD video with more than two hours of professional instruction and advice to accompany the book's easy-to-follow text. The book itself includes 600 full-color images, diagrams, and screenshots to illustrate every key step. This highly popularly learning approach is quite simple: "read the book, watch the video, do the exercise". Each chapter has corresponding video lesson that demonstrates the techniques covered. The combination of text and video instruction is uniquely effective. You proceed at your own pace and work on relevant, real-world projects as you master fundamental and advanced concepts, theories, techniques, and best practices for making the most of InDesign. This comprehensive multimedia training solution teaches you how to:

  • Create professional-looking documents with InDesign's powerful text and graphic tools

  • Import text from a word processor, move and scale existing text frames, and check spelling

  • Use the line, pen, and geometric shape tools to draw complex graphic objects

  • Apply fill and stroke, specify process and spot colors, and design custom rules

  • Use Adobe Bridge to organize and manage your digital assets

  • Import and modify layered artwork from Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Create inline graphics and anchored objects that move automatically with your text from one page to the next

  • Create, edit, and link paragraph styles, complete with nested character styles

  • Apply a sequence of style sheets to format an entire document in one operation

  • Build object styles with embedded paragraph styles in order to format entire frames at a time

  • Use master pages to automate repeating page features

  • Automatically generate a table of contents

  • Compose a fully interactive document -- with bookmarks, hyperlinks, buttons, sounds, and movies -- and export your creation to a PDF file that can be played on most computers

  • Adobe InDesign CS3 One-on-Oneputs you on the fast track to becoming a real InDesign expert. Once you're finished, you'll use InDesign smarter, faster, more creatively, and more efficiently than you thought possible.

    Product information

    • Title: Adobe InDesign CS3 One-on-One
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: December 2007
    • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
    • ISBN: 978059652345