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Adobe Photoshop CC (2015 release) Learn by Video

Book Description

This book accompanies the videos from The Adobe Photoshop CC (2015 release) Learn by Video. It contains some of the key concepts from the video training and acts as a reference guide to the lessons in the videos.  Please refer to the link to view the videos.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. DVD Contents
  4. Booklet Contents
  5. Introduction
    1. Welcome to Adobe Photoshop (2015) CC Learn by Video
    2. About This Book
    3. How to Use This Course
      1. The Welcome Screen
      2. Starting the Course
      3. Navigating Inside a Video
      4. Resizing Your Window
      5. The Sidebar
      6. Using Bookmarks
      7. Test Yourself
  6. About the Author
    1. Kelly McCathran
    2. Conventions of this Booklet
      1. General Shortcuts
      2. File Shortcuts
      3. Edit Shortcuts
  7. Photoshop Interface and Tips
    1. Tools Panel
    2. Panels
      1. Workspace Panels
    3. Options Bar
      1. Context-Sensitive Options
      2. Workspace Switcher
    4. Keyboard Shortcuts
      1. Zoom and Navigation Shortcuts
      2. Multiple Undo and Redo Shortcuts
      3. Tools Panel Shortcuts
      4. Brush Shortcuts
      5. Nested Tool Switching
    5. Type Shortcuts
      1. Text Selection Tips
      2. Type Keyboard Shortcuts
    6. Working with Guides, Grid, and Rulers
      1. Setting the Units for Rulers and Guides
  8. Image Fundamentals
    1. Raster vs. Vector
      1. Raster (pixels)
      2. Adobe Photoshop
      3. Vector (points)
      4. Adobe Illustrator®
    2. Image Size and Resolution
      1. Resolution Guide*
    3. Color Space or Color Mode
      1. RGB
      2. CMYK
  9. Non-destructive Editing
    1. Working with Layers
      1. The Layers Panel
    2. Non-destructive Editing with Adjustment Layers
      1. Working with Adjustment Layers
      2. Creating an Adjustment Layer
    3. Layer Masks
      1. The Concept of a Mask
      2. Creating a Mask
    4. Smaller Files with Adjustment Layers
      1. Adjustment Layers with Blend Modes
    5. Working with Smart Filters
      1. Creating a Smart Object (Smart Filter)
    6. Using the History Panel
      1. Painting with the Past
    7. Enlarging JPEG Images
  10. Copyrighting Your Digital Images
    1. Copyrighting Basics
      1. How to Obtain a Copyright
      2. Notice of Copyright
      3. Duration of the Rights
      4. Fair Use Doctrine
      5. Protecting Your Images on the Internet
      6. Notice
  11. Glossary