Resolution and File Size

Let's see how the resolution setting you scan with affects your file sizes. Let's say you have a 1-by-1-inch original. If you scan it at 200ppi, the file size will be 117KB (uncompressed). At 100 ppi, it would be 29KB, and at 50ppi, it would be only 7KB (Figure 4.27). In general, it's best to go with the lowest setting that will give you a good result. The settings mentioned earlier in this chapter are the optimal settings, which in general will be the settings that give you the absolute highest-quality result. If you decide to use anything lower than what I mentioned earlier, be sure to do a test to ensure that your image doesn't become pixilated when it's printed.

Figure 4.27. Top to bottom: 200ppi, 100ppi, 50ppi. ...

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