Photoshop CS2 has a terrific new feature known as warping which allows you to bend and distort your images in interesting ways. Choosing Edit > Transform > Warp will cause various warp settings to appear in the Options bar at the top of your screen (Figure 15.132) and will place a grid over the active layer (Figure 15.133). There are 15 preset warp shapes available (Figures 15.134 and 15.135). After choosing a preset from the Warp pop-up menu in the Options bar, you can adjust the Bend and H (Horizontal) and V (Vertical) fields in the Options bar to control the extent of the warp that's applied to the active layer. If you need to warp an image to match an element in a photograph, set the Warp pop-up menu to Custom.

Figure 15.132. The ...

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