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Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Photographers: The Ultimate Workshop

Book Description

Professional commercial photographer and digital imager Jeff Schewe (based in Chicago, USA) has teamed up with best-selling Photoshop author Martin Evening to provide advanced Photoshop users with never before seen tips and techniques.

Building on Martin Evening's successful Adobe Photoshop for Photographers series of titles, this new guide takes Photoshop users to further depths exploring the power of Photoshop CSX. Highly visual, with clear, step-by-step tutorials, this advanced guide will appeal to those who want to take Photoshop beyond the boundaries.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Full Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Introduction
    1. Acknowledgements
  6. Chapter 1: Before you shoot
    1. Before you shoot that picture!
      1. Interpreting a brief
      2. Shooting multiple elements — intelligently
      3. Multi light blending technique
      4. Complex composite work
      5. Fashion and beauty retouching
      6. When not to use Photoshop
  7. Chapter 2: Raising your IQ
    1. Optimizing images
      1. Camera Raw or Photoshop?
      2. Camera Profiles in Camera Raw
    2. Optimizing the image tones
      1. Optimizing an image in Camera Raw
        1. Optimizing the highlights
        2. Optimizing the blacks
        3. Optimizing both the highlights and blacks
      2. Cut-outs against a white background
    3. Essential image editing steps
      1. Crop
      2. Color
      3. Tone
        1. Exposure
        2. Recovery
        3. Blacks
        4. Fill Light
        5. Brightness
        6. Contrast
      4. Finesse
        1. Clarity
        2. Vibrance
      5. Capture sharpening
        1. Amount and Radius
        2. Detail and Masking
      6. Noise reduction
      7. Perspective corrections with Camera Raw
    4. Capture sharpening workflow
      1. Improving camera capture sharpness
        1. Choice of camera lens
        2. Shooting with a tripod vs. hand-held
        3. Improved sharpness using mirror-up mode
    5. Noise reduction
      1. Photoshop noise reduction
      2. Third-party noise reduction
        1. Targeted noise reduction
        2. Removing noise using multiple exposures
    6. Sculpting photos
      1. Improving midtone contrast
        1. High radius Unsharp Mask technique
  8. Chapter 3: Mending and blending
    1. General retouching
      1. Healing brush strategies
      2. Adding lens flare
      3. Simulating film grain
      4. Removing foreground objects
      5. Layer blending to remove tourists
        1. Median rendering
      6. Merging objects with displace distortion
        1. How to create a spotlight effect
    2. Fashion and beauty retouching
      1. Adding lightness and contrast to the eyes
      2. Repair work using a copied selection
      3. Removing stray hairs
      4. Tidying hair against a busy backdrop
      5. Coloring hair roots
      6. Beauty skin retouching
        1. Disguise your retouching
      7. Brush blending modes
      8. Beauty/fashion retouching
    3. Retouching portraits
      1. How to remove reflections from glasses
      2. How to create a sparkle brush shape
    4. Vanishing Point
      1. Vanishing Point planes and measurements
      2. Editing objects in 3D
  9. Chapter 4: Masking and compositing
    1. Compositing work
      1. Creating a realistic composite
      2. Masking hair
        1. How it works
        2. Getting the different elements to match
      3. Refine Mask command
    2. Snapshot painting
      1. A different way of compositing
      2. Slicing an image
        1. Image warping
      3. History basics
      4. Making snapshots
      5. The channels
      6. The blending
      7. The wrap up
    3. Combining images
      1. The best way to combine exposures
      2. Cheating a mask
      3. Masking an object with a path
      4. Working with Smart Objects
      5. Adding atmospherics
      6. Simulating the effect of motion
        1. Embossing the word
        2. Adding motion
      7. Adding Lens Blur
      8. Extending the depth of field
      9. Merging studio exposures
    4. Layer Styles
      1. How to add extra water drops to a glass
      2. Copying layer styles
      3. How to remove edge flare
  10. Chapter 5: Cooking with Photoshop
    1. Photomerge
      1. Resizing the source images
      2. A simple, one-step Photomerge
      3. A three-step Photomerge
      4. Extreme wide-angle Photomerges
    2. Filter effects
      1. How to create a fisheye lens effect
      2. How to create an aerial fisheye lens effect
      3. Working with Liquify
      4. The Photoshop diet
      5. Content-aware scaling
      6. Content-aware scaling — another use
    3. Digital darkroom effects
      1. Advanced black and white conversion
      2. Cross-processing
      3. Lab Color effects
      4. Simulating black and white infrared film
      5. Black and white solarization
      6. Hand-coloring a photograph
      7. Coloring an object
      8. Coloring effects using Match Color
        1. Match Color auto adjustments
        2. Using Camera Calibration to distort colors
      9. Nocturnal effect
        1. Preserving the pixels
      10. Preserving colors with ProPhoto RGB
      11. Softening the focus
        1. Fog effect
        2. Diffused printing effect
      12. Adding progressive blurs
    4. Image border effects
      1. Adding a border to an image
      2. Adding a Clouds filter border
  11. Chapter 6: Photoshop output
    1. Fine-art printing
      1. Inkjet printers
      2. How inkjet printers work
        1. The ideal inkjet
        2. Photographic print quality
        3. Image preservation
        4. Inks and media
        5. Third-party inks
        6. Inkjet economies
      3. Building a custom printer profile
        1. Printing a printer test target
      4. Getting the most from your printer profiles
      5. Display gamut versus printer gamut
      6. Soft proofing via the display
        1. Display simulation options
    2. Color proofing for press output
      1. CMYK proofing with an inkjet
        1. Simulation and Rendering Intents
    3. CMYK output
      1. Preparing files for output
      2. Delivering files for output
      3. Is CMYK for you?
      4. Spot color channels
    4. Preparing screen shots for publication
      1. Scaling dialog screen images
      2. Creating a droplet to process screen shots
      3. Max Black generations
      4. Recording a Max Black separation action
      5. Dual CMYK conversions
  12. Chapter 7: Minding your own business
    1. Adding value to your images
      1. Identifying your images
      2. File organization methods
    2. Archiving issues
      1. Backing up is not archiving!
      2. Backing up your data
        1. Image protection
    3. How to make money with Photoshop
      1. How much are you worth?
        1. Your rate is your rate
      2. How to bill for digital
  13. Index