Adobe Photoshop CS6

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In this Adobe Photoshop CS6 video training course expert author and trainer Andy Anderson introduces you to the basics of this graphics software from Adobe. Photoshop is a huge and complex program, but Andy breaks it down into bite-sized pieces that anyone, from beginner to more experienced users can understand and follow. This course is designed for a beginner, and no prior knowledge of Photoshop is assumed.
This tutorial covers the essential features of Photoshop that everyone should be familiar with. Andy starts by taking you through the interface, including the preference setup. Once you are familiar with navigating and finding tools, you cover topics such as Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw, adjusting color, layers, blending, adjustments, the pen tool and paths, as well as dodging and burning. With over 13 hours in this software training video, you also go into detail with filters, manipulating images, selections, levels and curves, and so much more.
By the conclusion of this video tutorial for Adobe Photoshop CS6, you will have a clear understanding of what Photoshop has to offer, and how you can use the available tools, and apply the demonstrated techniques to enhance your own images. Working files are included to allow you to practice alongside the author as he teaches you during this course.

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Table of contents

  1. Getting Started
    1. Welcome To Photoshop CS6
    2. Working With The Exercise Files
  2. Photoshop CS6 Essentials
    1. Chapter 2 Intro
    2. A Peek At Photoshop CS6 - Part 1
    3. A Peek At Photoshop CS6 - Part 2
    4. The New Photoshop CS6 Interface
    5. The Macintosh / Windows Connection
    6. Photoshop And Resolution Independent Images
    7. Bit Depth And Image Information
  3. Getting Started
    1. Chapter 3 Intro
    2. Essential Preference Settings
    3. Setting Up Color Preferences
    4. Controlling Photoshop CS6 Menus
    5. Saving Time With Shortcuts
    6. Organizing Photoshop CS6 Panels
    7. Creating User-Generated Workspaces
    8. Using Screen Modes And The Tab Key
    9. Working With Configurator
  4. Viewing - Controlling Images
    1. Chapter 4 Intro
    2. Opening Individual Images
    3. Opening Multiple Images
    4. Working With File Information
    5. Changing The Photoshop View
    6. Working With The Zoom Tool
    7. Controlling Images With The Navigation Panel
  5. Adobe Photoshop Bridge
    1. Chapter 5 Intro
    2. Bridge 101
    3. Adjusting Bridge Workspaces
    4. The Power Of Thumbnails
    5. Working With Favorites
    6. Using Labels And Ratings
    7. Managing Images With Keywords And Collections
    8. Adjusting Image Information
    9. Controlling Metadata Over Multiple Images
  6. Working In The Camera Raw Plug-In
    1. Chapter 6 Intro
    2. Setting Raw Preferences
    3. Taking A Spin Around The Raw Interface
    4. Basic Image Correction In The Raw Plug-In
    5. Sharpening An Image
    6. Removing Image Noise
    7. Syncing Multiple Images
    8. Moving Images Into Photoshop
    9. Options For Saving Raw Images
    10. Selectively Adjusting Images
    11. Working With Split Toning
    12. Adding A Bit Of Age To An Image
  7. Working In The World Of Color
    1. Chapter 7 Intro
    2. Setting Up Colorsync Preferences
    3. Using A Spyder To Calibrate A Computer Monitor
    4. Setting Up A Color-Friendly Workspace
    5. Using The Color Balance Adjustment
    6. Quick Removal Of A Color Cast
    7. Working With Fade And Adjustment Layers
    8. Applying Tints To An Photoshop Image
    9. Kicking Hue And Saturation Up A Level
  8. The Photoshop CS6 Layers Panel
    1. Chapter 8 Intro
    2. Layers 101
    3. Aligning Image Layers
    4. Creating Layer Groups
    5. Backgrounds Versus Layers
    6. Stacking, Copying, And Deleting Layers
    7. Merging Photoshop Layers
    8. Designing A Layer-Based Vignette
  9. Photoshop Blending Modes
    1. Chapter 9 Intro
    2. Blending Modes 101
    3. The Normal And Dissolve Blending Modes
    4. Opacity Versus The Fill Options
    5. The Darken Blending Modes
    6. The Lighten Blending Modes
    7. The Contrast Blending Modes
    8. The Invert And Tonal Blending Modes
    9. Using Blending Modes With The Brush Tools
  10. Adjustment Layers
    1. Chapter 10 Intro
    2. Adjustment Layers 101
    3. Adjusting An Image's Exposure
    4. Working With Clipping Groups
    5. Using Adjustment Layers With Masks
    6. Sharing Adjustments Between Images
    7. The Power Of Adding Gradients To Masks
  11. Layer Styles
    1. Chapter 11 Intro
    2. Layer Styles 101
    3. Creating A Flexible Drop Shadow
    4. Simple Neon With Layer Styles
    5. Understanding Bevel And Emboss
    6. Creating A Glass Button
    7. Saving Layer Styles
  12. Pen Tool And The Paths Panel
    1. Chapter 12 Intro
    2. Pen Tool 101
    3. Editing A Pen Path
    4. Generating A Straight-Line Path
    5. Complex Path Selections And Options
    6. Converting Vector Paths To Raster Selections
    7. Generating A Clipping Path
    8. Creating Vector Shapes In Photoshop CS6
  13. Controlling Selective Portions Of An Image
    1. Chapter 13 Intro
    2. Dodge, Burn, And Sponge 101
    3. Working With Dodge And Burn
    4. Removing Color Saturation With The Sponge
    5. Non-Destructive Dodging And Burning
    6. Dodging And Burning With Gradients
    7. Creating A Tool Preset
  14. Going Retro With Grayscale
    1. Chapter 14 Intro
    2. Grayscale 101
    3. Letting Photoshop Make The Conversion
    4. Controlling The Conversion To Grayscale
    5. A Hybrid Ansel Adams Effect
    6. Creating A Grayscale Portrait
  15. Photoshop Filters
    1. Chapter 15 Intro
    2. A Peek At The Photoshop Filter Gallery
    3. Applying Multiple Filters To A Single Image
    4. Non-Destructive Editing With Smart Filters
    5. Fading A Smart Filter Adjustment
    6. Creating An Oil Painting
    7. Creative Uses Of The High Pass Filter
    8. Creating Clouds
    9. Creating The Moon With A Lens Flair
    10. Working With The New Blur Filters
    11. Batch Processing With Len's Correction
  16. Fixing And Manipulating Images
    1. Chapter 16 Intro
    2. Creative Use Of The Displacement Map
    3. Multiple Images And Blending Modes
    4. Straightening Images
    5. Cropping And Straightening
    6. The Liquify Filter
    7. Working With Lens Correction
  17. Essentials Of Selection
    1. Chapter 17 Intro
    2. Selection 101
    3. Basic Selection Techniques And Options
    4. Magic Wand And Quick Selection Tools
    5. Understanding Refine Edge
    6. Content Aware Fill And Move Options
    7. Working With Grow And Similar
    8. Using The Color Range Feature
    9. Working With Quick Masking
    10. Understanding Channel Selection
  18. Working Smart With Actions
    1. Chapter 18 Intro
    2. Creating An Action
    3. Applying And Modifying An Action
    4. Creating A Batch Action
    5. Working Smart With Droplets
    6. The Allow Tool Recording Feature
  19. The Basics Of Levels And Curves
    1. Chapter 19 Intro
    2. The Power Of Adjustment Layers
    3. Levels 101
    4. Adding Contrast With Contrast
    5. Curves 101
    6. Correcting Color Casts With Curves
    7. Adding Color Vibrance With Lab Color And Curves
  20. Working With The Brush Tools
    1. Chapter 20 Intro
    2. Brushes 101
    3. Creating And Modifying Existing Brushes
    4. Creating Custom Brushes
    5. Modifying Brushes With The Brush Panel
    6. The Color Replacement Tool
    7. The Mixer Brush Tool
    8. Working With The History Brush And Snapshots
    9. Activating The History Log
  21. Working With Photoshop Type
    1. Chapter 21 Intro
    2. Photoshop Type 101
    3. Working With Character Formatting
    4. Formatting Paragraph Text
    5. When To Rasterize Text
    6. Saving Character And Paragraph Styles
    7. Working With Warp Text
    8. Using Type Masks, And The Styles Panel
    9. Bringing Text To Life With 3D Effects
  22. Outputting Photoshop Documents
    1. Chapter 22 Intro
    2. Photoshop Output By Format
    3. Generating A Soft Proof And Gamut Warning
    4. Assigning Color Profiles
    5. Working With Zoomify
    6. Saving Images For The World Wide Web
  23. Conclusion
    1. Good Bye

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  • Title: Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2012
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781771370028