Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Classroom in a Book

Book description

Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Classroom in a Book is the fastest, easiest and most comprehensive way to learn Adobe's consumer-targeted image editing software! Each of the 12 lessons in this step-by-step, project-based guide contains a project that builds on your growing knowledge of the program, while end-of-chapter review questions reinforce each lesson. This cross-platform (Mac and Windows) book teaches the basics of image editing, along with complete coverage of all-new features in Photoshop Elements 9 now with scripting support, a new cross-platform Elements Organizer, and an enhanced workflow for a better user experience.

In this new version you'll learn how to remove unwanted objects from images with Content-Aware fill, apply style properties to multiple images with Photomerge Style Match, control layer visibility with layer masks for more precise image editing, use People Recognition to automatically identify people in your photos, find your most interesting and highest quality shot with Auto-Analyzer, use new guided Fun Edits to complete complex workflows in a small number of easy steps, recompose photos to any size or to fit a specific layout without distortion, perform one-step color and lighting adjustments, create perfectly lit shots with Photomerge Exposure, and much more.

About the Authors

The Adobe Creative Team of designers, writers, and editors has extensive, real world knowledge of Adobe products. They work closely with the Adobe product development teams and Adobe's Instructional Communications team to come up with creative, challenging, and visually appealing projects to help both new and experienced users get up to speed quickly on Adobe software products.

Table of contents

  1. Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 9 Classroom in a Book®
    1. What’s on the Disc
    2. Getting Started
        1. About Classroom in a Book
        2. Prerequisites
          1. Requirements on your computer
          2. Required skills
        3. Installing Adobe Photoshop Elements 9
        4. Copying the Classroom in a Book files
          1. Copying the Lessons files from the CD
          2. Creating a work folder
        5. About catalog files
        6. Additional resources
    3. 1. A Quick Tour of Photoshop Elements
        1. How Photoshop Elements works
          1. Workflow
          2. The library catalog file
          3. Creating a new catalog
        2. Importing media
          1. Getting photos from files and folders
        3. The Organizer workspace
        4. Reviewing and comparing
          1. Comparing photos side-by-side
          2. Choosing files
          3. Viewing photos at full screen
          4. Switching between the Organizer and the Editor
        5. The Editor workspace
          1. Using panels and the Panel Bin
        6. Sharing photos in e-mail
        7. Getting photos from a digital camera
          1. Using the Adobe Photo Downloader
        8. Creating an Adobe ID
          1. Signing up from the Welcome screen
          2. Signing up from the Organizer or Editor
          3. Signing in to your account
        9. Using Help
          1. Navigating Help
          2. Search tips
          3. Links to help in the application
          4. Hot-linked tips
          5. Additional resources
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    4. 2. Basic Organizing
        1. Getting started
          1. Creating a new catalog
        2. Getting photos
          1. Dragging photos from Windows Explorer
          2. Dragging photos from the Mac OS Finder
          3. Importing attached keyword tags
          4. Getting photos from a known location
          5. Automatically fixing red eyes during import
          6. Searching for photos to import
          7. Importing from a digital camera
          8. Using watched folders
        3. Viewing photo thumbnails in the Organizer
          1. Using the Media Browser views
          2. Using the Date View
        4. Working with star ratings and keyword tags
          1. Applying keyword tags and rating photos
          2. Creating new categories and sub-categories
          3. Applying and editing category assignments
          4. Creating and applying new keyword tags
          5. Converting keyword tags and categories
          6. Working with keyword tags in Full Screen mode
          7. Using keyword tags to find pictures
        5. Automatically finding faces for tagging
          1. Using People Recognition
          2. Tagging faces in the Media Browser
          3. Tagging faces in the Label People dialog box
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    5. 3. Advanced Organizing
        1. Getting started
          1. Creating a new catalog
        2. Advanced import options
          1. Photo Downloader options
          2. Acquiring still frames from a video
          3. Importing from a PDF document
          4. Scanning images on Windows
          5. Scanning images on Mac OS
        3. Organizing photos
          1. Working with version sets
          2. About stacks
          3. Tips for working with stacks
          4. Stacking photos automatically
          5. Creating albums
          6. Working with smart albums
        4. Viewing and finding photos
          1. Viewing and managing files by folder location
          2. Finding photos using details and metadata
          3. Metadata support for audio and video files
          4. Hiding files
          5. Finding photos by visual similarity
          6. The Map view
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    6. 4. Creating Projects
        1. Getting started
          1. Creating a new catalog
          2. Importing the lesson files
          3. Reconnecting missing files to a catalog
          4. Exploring the artwork library
        2. Creating a greeting card
          1. Choosing a size and theme
          2. Replacing the background image
          3. Working with photos and frames
          4. Adjusting a photo inside a frame
          5. Working with backgrounds
          6. Adding graphics from the Content library
          7. Using layers and layer styles to refine a project
        3. Producing a Photo Book
          1. Rearranging the order of images in a project
          2. Setting up a Photo Book layout
          3. Adding more photos to your Photo Book
          4. Refining your Photo Book layout
          5. Adding graphics
          6. Adding text to your project
        4. Assembling a photo collage
          1. Setting up your project page
          2. Adding a background
          3. Adding more images
          4. Working with layers to refine a project
          5. Adding graphics from the Content library
          6. Applying effects
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    7. 5. Printing, Sharing, and Exporting
        1. Getting started
        2. About printing
          1. Printing a contact sheet
            1. Printing a contact sheet on Windows
            2. Printing a contact sheet on Mac OS
          2. Printing a Picture Package
            1. Printing a Picture Package on Windows
            2. Printing a Picture Package on Mac OS
          3. Printing individual photos
          4. Ordering professionally printed photos online
        3. Creating an Adobe ID
          1. Signing up from the Welcome screen
          2. Signing up from the Organizer or Editor
          3. Signing in to your account
          4. Launching the Inspiration Browser
        4. Sharing pictures
          1. Using Photo Mail
          2. Creating an Online Album
          3. Customizing your Online Album
          4. Sharing an existing album online
        5. Using an online sharing service
        6. Backing up and synchronizing media files
          1. Setting backup and synchronization options
          2. Checking backup and synchronization status
          3. Synchronizing separate computers
        7. About exporting
          1. Saving copies of your images for use on the Web
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    8. 6. Easy Editing
        1. Getting started
        2. Editing photos in the Organizer
          1. Editing in Full Screen mode
        3. Getting to know the Edit modes
          1. Full Edit mode
          2. Quick Edit mode
          3. Guided Edit mode
        4. Making easy color and lighting adjustments
          1. Fixing files automatically in batches
          2. Adding the auto-corrected files to the Organizer
        5. Using Guided Edit
          1. Correcting color in Guided Edit mode
          2. Removing a color cast using Guided Edit
          3. Adjusting lighting using Guided Edit
          4. Creative fun with Guided Edit
        6. Using Quick Edit mode
          1. Applying automatic adjustments separately
          2. Opening an image for Quick Fix editing
          3. Using Smart Fix
          4. Applying more automatic fixes
        7. Using the Smart Brush
          1. Applying a Smart Brush adjustment
          2. Tweaking a Smart Paint adjustment
          3. Applying multiple Smart Paint adjustments
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    9. 7. Adjusting Color in Images
        1. Getting started
          1. Batch-processing the lesson files
          2. Adding auto-corrected files to the Organizer
        2. Correcting color problems
          1. Comparing methods of fixing color
          2. Creating extra working copies of an image
          3. Correcting color automatically
          4. Adjusting the results of an automatic fix manually
          5. Tweaking the results of an automatic fix
          6. Comparing results
        3. Adjusting skin tones
        4. Using the Touch Up tools
          1. Brightening a smile
          2. Setting up the Quick Edit workspace
          3. Using the Whiten Teeth tool
          4. Adding to and subtracting from an adjustment selection
          5. Modifying the Touch Up tool adjustment
        5. Working with red eye
          1. Using the automatic Red Eye Fix
          2. Using the Red Eye Removal tool
        6. Making selections
          1. Using the Selection Brush tool
          2. Editing a saved selection
          3. Using the Quick Selection tool
          4. Working with selections
        7. Replacing the color of a pictured object
          1. Using the Color Replacement tool
          2. Replacing a color throughout an image
          3. Replacing a color in a limited area of an image
        8. About printing color pictures
          1. Working with color management
          2. Setting up color management
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    10. 8. Fixing Exposure Problems
        1. Getting started
          1. Batch-processing the lesson files
        2. Brightening an underexposed image
          1. Applying Quick Fix adjustments
          2. Adjusting exposure in Guided Edit mode
        3. Fixing exposure in Full Edit mode
          1. Using blending modes
          2. About adjustment layers
          3. Using adjustment layers to correct lighting
        4. Correcting parts of an image selectively
          1. Creating a selection
          2. Using layers to isolate parts of an image
          3. Correcting underexposed areas
          4. Adding more intensity
        5. Improving faded or overexposed images
          1. Creating a set of duplicate files
          2. Using blending modes to fix a faded image
          3. Adjusting shadows and highlights manually
          4. Adjusting brightness and contrast manually
          5. Adjusting levels
          6. Comparing results
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    11. 9. Repairing, Retouching, and Recomposing Images
        1. Getting started
        2. Using the Straighten tool
        3. Improving the composition of an image
          1. Recomposing a group photo
        4. Removing wrinkles and spots
          1. Preparing the file for editing
          2. Using the Healing Brush tool
          3. Refining the Healing Brush results
        5. Removing unwanted objects from images
          1. Using the Content-Aware healing feature
        6. Restoring a damaged photograph
          1. Setting up for the exercises
          2. Preparing a working copy of the image file
          3. Using the Clone Stamp tool to fill in missing areas
          4. Using the Selection Brush tool
          5. Refining a saved selection
          6. Creating a layer mask
          7. Filtering flaws out of the backdrop area
          8. Adding definition with the Smart Brush
          9. Merging layers
          10. Finishing up the project
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    12. 10. Working with Text
        1. Getting started
        2. Placing text on an image
          1. Using a text search to find a file
        3. Working with the image canvas
          1. Adding a border to a photo
          2. Adding a text layer
          3. Editing a text layer
          4. Saving a work file with layers
        4. Overlaying text on an image
          1. Creating a new document for the text
          2. Applying a Layer Style to a text layer
          3. Locating the lesson files
          4. Adding the same text to multiple images
          5. Working with layer blending modes
        5. Using Layer styles and distortions
          1. Locating the lesson image
          2. Adding a layer style
          3. Warping text
        6. Simplifying layers
          1. Working with simplified text
        7. Working around transparency in a layer
        8. Hiding, revealing, and deleting layers
        9. Creating a type mask
          1. Locating the lesson image
          2. Working with the Type Mask tool
          3. Adding impact to a type mask
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    13. 11. Combining Multiple Images
        1. Getting started
        2. Merging photos into a panorama
          1. Setting up the Photomerge Panorama options
          2. Creating a Photomerge Panorama interactively
          3. Cropping the merged image
        3. Creating a composite group shot
          1. Working with Photomerge Group Shot
        4. Removing unwelcome intruders
          1. Using the Scene Cleaner
        5. Blending differently exposed photos
          1. Using the Photomerge Exposure tool
          2. Merging exposures automatically
          3. Adjusting the automatically merged image
        6. Combining multiple photographs in one file
          1. Arranging the image layers
          2. Creating a gradient layer mask
          3. Matching the colors of blended images
          4. Cleaning up selection edges with the Defringe command
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    14. 12. Advanced Editing Techniques
        1. Getting started
        2. Improving a camera raw image
          1. Working with camera raw images
          2. Getting to know the Camera Raw window
          3. Adjusting the white balance
          4. Working with the Temperature and Tint settings
          5. Using the tone controls on a raw image
        3. Saving the image
          1. About the DNG format
        4. About histograms
          1. Using the histogram
          2. Understanding highlights and shadows
          3. Adjusting levels
        5. About Unsharp Mask
          1. Applying the Unsharp Mask filter
        6. Using the filter gallery
          1. Creating effects with filters
          2. Experimenting with filters in the gallery
        7. Using the Cookie Cutter tool
          1. Creating your own cutter
        8. Learning more
        1. Review questions
        2. Review answers
    15. Production Notes
        1. Team credits
        2. Typefaces used
        3. Photo Credits
    16. Contributors

Product information

  • Title: Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Classroom in a Book
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2010
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 9780132490542