Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 Classroom in a Book

Book description

The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021

Classroom in a Book®, the best-selling series of hands-on software training workbooks, offers what no other book or training program does -- an official training series from Adobe, developed with the support of Adobe product experts.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 Classroom in a Book contains 10 lessons that cover the basics and beyond, providing countless tips and techniques to help you become more productive with the program. You can follow the book from start to finish or choose only those lessons that interest you.

Purchase of this book includes valuable online features. Follow the instructions in the books Getting Started section to unlock access to:

  • Downloadable lesson files you need to work through the projects in the book

  • Web Edition containing the complete text of the book, interactive quizzes, and videos that walk you through the lessons step by step

What you need to use this book: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 software, for either Windows or macOS. (Software not included.)

Note: Classroom in a Book does not replace the documentation, support, updates, or any other benefits of being a registered owner of Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 software.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Where are the Lesson Files?
  5. Contents at a Glance
  6. Contents
  7. Getting Started
    1. About Classroom in a Book
    2. What’s new in this edition
    3. Prerequisites
    4. Installing Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021
    5. Online content
    6. Creating a work folder
    7. Creating an Adobe ID
    8. Understanding the catalog file
    9. Additional resources
  8. 1. A Quick Tour of Photoshop Elements
    1. How Photoshop Elements works
    2. Importing media
    3. Exploring the Organizer workspace
    4. Reviewing and comparing images
    5. The Editor workspace
    6. Getting help and inspiration
    7. Backing up your catalog and media files
    8. Review questions
  9. 2. Importing and Sorting Photos
    1. Getting started
    2. Getting photos
    3. Sorting your photos
    4. Automatically finding faces for tagging
    5. Welcome to the People view
    6. Sorting photos by location
    7. Grouping photos as events
    8. Review questions
  10. 3. Tagging, Grouping, and Searching Photos
    1. Getting started
    2. Making it easier to find your photos
    3. Grouping photos
    4. Filtering and finding photos
    5. Letting Photoshop Elements curate your photo collection automatically
    6. Review questions
  11. 4. Image Editing Background and Basics
    1. Getting started
    2. Editing photos in the Organizer
    3. Recognizing what your photo needs
    4. Saving files to the cloud
    5. Correcting photos in Quick Edit mode
    6. Working in Guided Edit mode
    7. Guided color correction
    8. Resizing photos made easy
    9. Working with Auto Smart Tone
    10. Opening closed eyes
    11. Putting the best faces forward
    12. Selective editing with the Smart Brush
    13. Working with camera raw images
    14. Review questions
  12. 5. Working with Color and Making Selections
    1. Getting started
    2. Correcting color problems
    3. Working with red-eye
    4. Brightening a smile
    5. Why won’t Photoshop Elements do what I tell it to do?
    6. Making selections
    7. Changing the color of a pictured object
    8. Colorizing a photo
    9. Working with color management
    10. Review questions
  13. 6. Fixing Lighting and Exposure Problems
    1. Getting started
    2. Adjusting images for tonal balance
    3. Brightening an underexposed image
    4. Correcting parts of an image selectively
    5. Improving faded or overexposed images
    6. Review questions
  14. 7. Reframing, Retouching, and Recomposing Images
    1. Getting started
    2. Improving the composition of a photo
    3. Working with the image canvas
    4. Working with text
    5. Adding a quick border
    6. Recomposing an image within its frame
    7. Removing wrinkles and spots
    8. Removing unwanted objects from images
    9. Creative fun with guided edits
    10. Creating effects with filters
    11. Review questions
  15. 8. Combining Images
    1. Getting started
    2. Combining images automatically
    3. Using layers to combine photographs
    4. Review questions
  16. 9. Getting Creative
    1. Getting started
    2. On the arty side of the Editor
    3. Producing a photo book
    4. Creating a slideshow
    5. Making your own meme
    6. Creative framing with layer masks
    7. Making a photo look like a painting
    8. Creating an easy duotone effect
    9. Replacing a lackluster sky
    10. Making moving photos
    11. Creating a photo collage
    12. Getting creative with text
    13. Creating a type mask
    14. Making a Quote Graphic project
    15. Review questions
  17. 10. Printing, Sharing, and Exporting
    1. Getting started
    2. About printing
    3. Sharing photos and videos online
    4. Review questions
  18. Index
  19. Production Notes

Product information

  • Title: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 Classroom in a Book
  • Author(s): Jeff Carlson
  • Release date: December 2020
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 9780136886860