Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Classroom in a Book

Book description

The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe Photoshop Elements

Classroom in a Book®, the best-selling series of hands-on software training workbooks, helps you learn the features of Adobe software quickly and easily. Classroom in a Book off ers what no other book or training program does—an official training series from Adobe Systems Incorporated, developed with the support of Adobe product experts.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Classroom in a Book contains 11 lessons. The book covers the basics of learning Adobe Photoshop Elements and provides countless tips and techniques to help you become more productive with the program. You can follow the book from start to finish or choose only those lessons that interest you.



“The Classroom in a Book series is by far the best training material on the market. Everything you need to master the software is included: clear explanations of each lesson, step-by-step instructions, and the project files for the students.”

Barbara Binder
Adobe Certified Instructor
Rocky Mountain Training

Table of contents

  1. Copyright
  2. What’s on the Disc
    1. Lesson files ... and so much more
  3. Getting Started
    1. About Classroom in a Book
    2. Prerequisites
      1. Requirements on your computer
      2. Required skills
    3. Installing Adobe Photoshop Elements 7
    4. Copying the Classroom in a Book files
      1. Copying the Lessons files from the CD
      2. Creating a work folder
      3. Creating a catalog file
    5. Reconnecting missing files to a catalog
    6. Additional resources
  4. 1. A Quick Tour of Photoshop Elements
    1. How Photoshop Elements works
      1. About the Photoshop Elements workspaces
      2. The Organizer workspace
      3. The Editor workspace
    2. Workflow
    3. Importing media
      1. Getting photos
      2. Creating a new catalog
    4. Using the Adobe Photo Downloader
      1. Getting photos from a digital camera or card reader
      2. Getting photos from files and folders
    5. Reviewing and comparing
      1. Viewing photos at full screen or side-by-side
    6. Choosing files
    7. Sharing photos in e-mail
    8. Creating a account
    9. Using Help
      1. Navigating Help in the application
      2. Search tips
      3. Accessing LiveDocs Help on the Web
      4. Links to help in the application
      5. Hot-linked tips
    10. Review questions
    11. Review answers
  5. 2. Basic Organizing
    1. Getting started
    2. Getting photos
      1. Creating a new catalog
      2. Dragging photos from Windows Explorer
      3. Getting photos from specific locations
      4. Searching for photos to import
      5. Importing from a digital camera
      6. Using watched folders
    3. Viewing photo thumbnails in the Organizer
      1. Using the Photo Browser views
      2. Using the Date View
    4. Working with star ratings and keyword tags
      1. Applying keyword tags and rating photos
      2. Creating new categories and sub-categories
      3. Applying and editing category assignments
      4. Creating and applying new keyword tags
      5. Converting keyword tags and categories
      6. Applying more keyword tags to images
      7. Automatically finding faces for tagging
      8. Finding more faces
      9. Tagging faces
      10. Using keyword tags to find pictures
    5. Review questions
    6. Review answers
  6. 3. Advanced Organizing
    1. Getting started
    2. Advanced import options
      1. Photo Downloader options
      2. Acquiring still frames from a video
      3. Importing from a PDF document
      4. Scanning images
    3. Organizing photos
      1. Working with Version sets
      2. About stacks
      3. Tips for working with stacks
      4. Creating Albums
      5. The Map View
    4. Viewing and finding photos
      1. Finding photos by visual similarity
      2. Finding photos using details and metadata
      3. Metadata support for audio and video files
      4. Viewing and managing files by folder location
      5. Hiding files
      6. Working with smart albums
    5. Review questions
    6. Review answers
  7. 4. Creating Projects
    1. Getting started
    2. Creating a Greeting Card
    3. Animating your photos in a slide show
      1. Using the Slide Show Editor
      2. Refining your Slide Show
      3. Adding Extras
      4. Adding a Zoom effect
    4. Assembling a photo collage
      1. Using the Photo Projects panel
      2. Exploring the Artwork library
      3. Adding a background
      4. Adding graphics
      5. Working with layers
      6. Applying effects
    5. Review questions
    6. Review answers
  8. 5. Printing, Sharing, and Exporting
    1. Getting started
    2. About printing
      1. Printing individual photos
      2. Printing a contact sheet
      3. Printing a Picture Package
      4. Ordering professionally printed photos online
    3. Creating a account
      1. Signing up from the Welcome screen
      2. Signing up from the Organizer or Editor
      3. Signing in to your account
    4. About sharing
      1. Using Photo Mail
      2. Creating a Quick Share Flow
    5. Creating an Online Album
      1. Adding photos to your Online Album
      2. Changing the order of photos in an Online Album
      3. Choosing a sharing option for your Online Album
      4. Sharing an existing album online
      5. Backing up and synchronizing albums
      6. Using an online sharing service
    6. About exporting
      1. Burning photos to CD or DVD
      2. Saving copies of your images for use on the Web
    7. Review questions
    8. Review answers
  9. 6. Adjusting Color in Images
    1. Getting started
    2. Correcting color problems
      1. Fixing files in batches
      2. Adding the corrected files to the Organizer
    3. Using Guided Edit
      1. Removing a color cast using Guided Edit
      2. Adjusting lighting using Guided Edit
    4. Using Quick Fix for editing
      1. Applying automatic adjustments separately
      2. Opening image files for Quick Fix editing
      3. Using Smart Fix
      4. Applying other automatic fixes
    5. Using the Touch Up tools
      1. Brightening a smile
      2. Setting up the Quick Fix workspace
      3. Using the Whiten Teeth tool
      4. Adding to and subtracting from an adjustment selection
      5. Modifying the Touch Up adjustment
    6. Using the Smart Brush tool
      1. Applying a Smart Paint adjustment
      2. Tweaking a Smart Paint adjustment
      3. Applying multiple Smart Paint adjustments
    7. Comparing methods of fixing color
      1. Creating extra working copies of an image
      2. Correcting color automatically
      3. Adjusting the results of an automatic fix
      4. Tweaking results from an automatic fix
      5. Comparing results
    8. Adjusting skin tones
    9. Working with red eye
      1. Using automatic Red Eye Fix in the Editor
      2. Using the Red Eye Removal tool
    10. Making selections
      1. Using the Selection Brush tool
      2. Editing a saved selection
      3. Using the Quick Selection tool
      4. Working with selections
    11. Replacing the color of a pictured object
      1. Replacing a color throughout the image
      2. Replacing a color in a limited area of the image
    12. About printing color pictures
    13. Working with color management
      1. Setting up color management
    14. Review questions
    15. Review answers
  10. 7. Fixing Exposure Problems
    1. Getting started
    2. Correcting images automatically in batches
    3. Brightening an underexposed image
    4. Applying the Quick Fix
    5. Exploring Guided Edit
    6. Fixing an image in Full Edit mode
      1. Using Blending modes
    7. Adding adjustment layers
      1. Creating adjustment layers for lighting
    8. Correcting parts of an image
      1. Creating a selection
      2. Using layers to isolate parts of an image
      3. Correcting underexposed areas
      4. Adding more intensity
    9. Improving faded or overexposed images
      1. Creating a set of duplicate files
      2. Using blending modes to fix a faded image
      3. Adjusting shadows and highlights manually
      4. Adjusting brightness and contrast manually
      5. Adjusting levels
      6. Comparing results
    10. Review questions
    11. Review answers
  11. 8. Repairing and Retouching Images
    1. Getting started
    2. Using the Straighten tool
    3. Removing red eye in the Organizer
    4. Removing wrinkles and spots
      1. Preparing the file for editing
      2. Using the Healing Brush tool
      3. Refining the healing brush results
    5. Restoring a damaged photograph
      1. Preparing a working copy of the image file
      2. Using the Clone Stamp tool to fill in missing areas
      3. Using the Selection Brush tool
      4. Refining a saved selection
      5. Filtering flaws out of the backdrop area
      6. Adding definition with the Smart Brush
      7. Merging layers
      8. Finishing up the project
    6. Review questions
    7. Review answers
  12. 9. Working with Text
    1. Getting started
    2. Placing text on an image
      1. Using Text Search in the Organizer to find a file
      2. Adding an asymmetrical border
      3. Adding a text layer
      4. Editing a text layer
      5. Saving a work file with layers
    3. Overlaying text on an image
      1. Creating a new document for the text
      2. Applying a Layer Style to a text layer
      3. Adding text to multiple images
      4. Using Layer Styles and distortions
      5. Adding a layer style
    4. Warping text
      1. Creating an un-stylized copy of the text layer
      2. Simplifying text and applying a pattern
      3. Hiding and revealing layers
      4. Deleting layers and layer styles
    5. Creating a type mask
      1. Working with the Type Mask tool
    6. Review questions
    7. Review answers
  13. 10. Combining Multiple Images
    1. Getting started
    2. Merging photos into a panorama
      1. Cropping the merged image
      2. Creating a Photomerge Panorama interactively
    3. Creating a composite group shot
    4. Removing unwanted intruders
      1. Using the Scene Cleaner tool
    5. Combining multiple photographs in one file
      1. Arranging the image layers
      2. Creating a gradient clipping mask
      3. Applying the clipping mask to a layer
      4. Creating a clean edge with defringing
    6. Review questions
    7. Review answers
  14. 11. Advanced Editing Techniques
    1. Getting started
    2. Improving a camera raw image
      1. Adjusting the white balance
      2. Working with the Temperature and Tint settings
      3. Using the tone controls on a raw image
    3. Saving the image
      1. About the DNG format
    4. About histograms
      1. Using the histogram
      2. Understanding highlights and shadows
      3. Adjusting levels
    5. About Unsharp Mask
      1. Applying the Unsharp Mask filter
    6. Creating effects using the filter gallery
      1. Experimenting with filters in the gallery
    7. Using the Cookie Cutter tool
    8. Learning more
    9. Review questions
    10. Review answers
  15. Production Notes
    1. Team credits
    2. Typefaces used
    3. Photo Credits
  16. Contributors

Product information

  • Title: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Classroom in a Book
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: November 2008
  • Publisher(s): Adobe Press
  • ISBN: 9780321618375