Slide shows have always been a very important part of the way a photographer presents his or her work. I do slide shows all the time in presentations that I do for workshops and other programs around the country. Yet, in recent years, the traditional slide show has almost disappeared. Kodak even quit making the classic carousel projector. Few people still set up a slide projector and screen to show off their latest trip to Europe.

Luckily, the computer now fills this function. Anyone can project images as a "slide show" (even though there are no true slides in digital photography) that looks better than ever. Now you can do music, slides, and transitions, all from the camera, and never have a single image jam, have the music get out of sync, run out of slide tray space, or have the two slide projectors lose their sync.

Lightroom's Slideshow module offers a simple, yet quite elegant, way to assemble your images for a slide show presentation. You get to it by clicking Slideshow. When Lightroom first came out, I was disappointed in how simple the Slideshow option really was. There are some definite limitations to slide shows made in Lightroom. However, as I have used this program more and more, I have discovered that there are some very nice aspects to doing slide shows with Lightroom, including presenting some of the best color-managed ...

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