Pro Glossary

Pro Glossary
Adjustment Brush

A local adjustment tool in Develop that allows you to brush on a specific effect in a limited area.

Adobe RGB

A working color space based on the standard computer RGB colors created by Adobe Systems. It includes a wide gamut of colors that makes it a very flexible color space for use in Photoshop.


Computations, formulas, and procedures — the software-based steps or instructions used in digital devices and programs to process data.


Using software to soften and blend rough edges (called aliased).

Archival storage

Using external nonmagnetic media such as DVDs and CDs to store information long term.


A defect in an image or other recorded data created by the tool used to record or output; something in an image that did not exist in the original scene but was inadvertently added to the photo by the technology.

Aspect ratio

The proportion of an image comparing the height and width.

Background color

The color chosen in Slideshow for the background behind the image.

Batch processing

A way of making one or more changes, such as brightness or color adjustments, to a group or batch of image files all at once.


The smallest unit of data in a computer.

Bit depth

The number of bits required to represent the color in a pixel. With more bit depth, more colors are available. This increases exponentially (in base 2). True photo color starts at 8-bit but has ...

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