Chapter 8. Sharing Photos with Others


  • Improving your presentations to clients

  • Quickly creating custom slide shows to showcase your work

  • Using Lightroom's Print module to print and save JPEGs of print layouts

  • Sharing your work online with easy-to-design Web galleries

This chapter explores the third main function of Lightroom—presenting and outputting files so that you can share them with others. For professional photographers, this is where they get to show their work to clients and prospective clients—it's where the rubber meets the road. For nonprofessionals, this is where they get to enjoy and share the fruits of their labor with friends and family.

Lightroom gives digital photographers many options when it comes to sharing their work. That's because it devotes three of its five modules—Slideshow, Print, and Web—to creating different types of output. This section takes a step-by-step approach as you explore those output modules and learn how they're used to design your own slide shows, prints, and Web galleries.

The reason the Slideshow, Print, and Web modules are covered together is because these modules have much in common. They not only share the same goal of creating output but they also share many of the same layout and design elements such as text overlays. However, the way these design elements are implemented in each of these three modules varies depending on the form of the output. For the most part, though, these differences are minor.

Your exploration of Lightroom's ...

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