Chapter 9. Creating Files to Use Outside of Lightroom


  • Exporting files from Lightroom

  • Making exporting a success

So far, you've explored three major types of output options in Lightroom—slide shows, inkjet printing, and Web galleries. However, there's one important option that isn't in one of the three output modules. Quite often it's necessary to output a file for use outside of Lightroom after editing. For example, I mentioned in the last chapter that I have most printing done at a professional photolab. When I do, I'm not interested in creating layouts in the Print module and saving them as JPEGs. I just want prints from the files. That means that I need a way to create files a lab can use (TIFF or JPEG) from my adjusted files. Lightroom provides a simple way of creating these new files by exporting versions of the original files with their current Lightroom Develop settings.

Exporting Photo Files from Lightroom

To export files from Lightroom select the files in the Grid view, the Filmstrip, or choose a collection. Then click the Export button in the Library module below the left panel group. The Export dialog box can also be displayed from any of Lightroom's five modules by choosing File

Exporting Photo Files from Lightroom


If you need to edit a photo in Photoshop you can open it directly from Lightroom without exporting a file first. I show you how in Chapter 11.

When any of these actions are taken, ...

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