Chapter 21. Adding Finishing Touches


  • Balancing tonality with a special burn and dodge layer

  • Understanding resolution and how it affects an image's pixel dimensions

  • Using the Crop tool to crop to predetermined sizes or custom sizes

  • Understanding professional sharpening strategies with the Unsharp Mask and Smart Sharpen filters

  • Printing with an inkjet printer or a lab

  • Saving and archiving derivative files generated during the Creative Workflow

You're nearing the end of the creative workflow. Only a few things need to be done to at this point to prepare a file for output. This chapter begins by looking at burning and dodging—a procedure that's used to modify the tonal ranges of different regions of an image. You're going to take a close look at the best way to do it nondestructively.

Then you look at adjusting image size and cropping. During that discussion you delve into the mysterious realm of resolution and how it affects image size by experimenting with a practice file. You'll be surprised at how easy this concept is to understand when you see it in action

The Lightroom section of this book included a discussion about sharpening. I broke it down into three different types: capture, creative, and output. When discussing Lightroom, you concentrated on capture sharpening. In this section, you look at how the two other types of sharpening are accomplished during the creative workflow.

A high percentage of photos that make it this far into the creative workflow are generally intended ...

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